Cup Dropping Redux - food issues persist in 1.10

The implementation of tiers is absolutely the right direction to go in; however, the primary reason to drop cups (of all the people I talk to this is 100% the reason) is food acquisition via raids.

People have done the calculus and decided Diamond simply isn’t worth it: harder raids, loot somewhat better but not enough to justify it, and still the same food issues as before and food is still the primary progression limiter at the high end.

To address this, I would suggest literally tripling the ham / iron rewards (250-300k is appropriate) from the raid chest for Diamond winners, with some scaled reduction factor for Platinum / Gold / etc though admittedly this seems to be a pretty Diamond specific problem since there’s plenty of food to be had in Gold.


Raiding, at least in daylight hours, has become a way of spending food in Diamond, not gaining. Maybe it’s a good sign that people have gotten excited about the game again and are logging on frequently, but there are many fewer targets in the diamond tier with 10k+ food.


Linking this here as fixing the food problem, helps address an AW issue too:

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For me it was for the quick raid chest fill, not the food. Food was secondary meaning I would revenge who had the highest food.

Diamond is a pain in the ■■■■ - the raids are a roll of the RNG board dice so I spend more time looking for teams that I stand a better chance at (i.e. more food spending) and where I’d fill 100% of chests on 8 raids without losing, now my hit rate is more like 50%, so they take longer to fill (opportunity cost).

It’s still early, and I like the guaranteed loot rolls, but I haven’t seen the meat or ascension materials benefits of sticking in diamond yet, granted small sample size. If the only difference are the crafting rolls (and maybe better luck at getting a trainer) between platinum and diamond and not the actual table itself (in terms of frequency of rare mats in the single ascension material slot that appears in both) then it is not worth the battle.

I think the food suggestion is good - but rather than guarantee the crafting materials loot rolls how about another ascension mat roll - THAT would be worth it for me and a significant benefit to diamond.


+1 ascension roll for silver, +2 for gold, +4 for platinum and +6 for diamond. (Full disclosure I am tanking Gold right now ).

Man, if we got 6 ascension item rolls at diamond everyone would try (and be disappointed to get 1 and 2* items :))

I toe the diamond platinum line - 2300-2500 cups…it’s tiring.


I agree. Diamond chest rewards are nothing to write home about, and the opponents in diamond do not have much food.

I very much like @Revelate ’ suggestion about providing more food and iron rewards for diamond.

Two of our best fighters have dropped to Platinum, and I am thinking of doing the same. My heroes cannot eat bragging rights.


I would trade all of the food and iron for a few leather strips and midnight roots, those are what should be doubled

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I almost never ever look at either the opponent, their food or iron…I’m strictly there for the kills…I can farm my own food and iron, but need those kills for my daily chest(s). I used to raid for food, until all I needed was ascension materials. Food just isn’t as important as working to get the right mats for me. I heard several times how hard it is to stay in Diamond or collect those hero kills easily. In that regards, Platinum is my happy place. Drop cups overnight, raid, get chest, repeat…


I just had an uber demotivating diamond chest…50k meat, 70k iron, an herb, a strong herb, a practice sword, a mana pot, 3 gems and a summon token. Barf.

That’s about what all mine have looked like thus far, but my teammates have gotten ascension mats. I just let the chips fall where they may, and while I usually end in diamond tier, I’m not stressing a platinum loot.

I’ve had about 80% have a trainer and I have seen a cape and troop token…but I usually don’t get total garbage :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I am always happy to see a trainer hero. My heroes are always hungry, and I can put that to good use.

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