Cup Dropping in Style - What's the worst rainbow 5* team?

A few minor changes:
Aegir - Aeron - Alberich - Inari - Ares
Alberich is most useless if he is placed in the center. Also, I consider Inari the worst yellow non-attacker.

@Aboisso27 Never ever can a 3* team take out those four slow area hitters + Thorne. If just one of the area hitters bursts his special, your whole team is dead. Also, one hit from Elena or Quintus already takes away a third or more of most 3* heroes’ HP.

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Horghall / Khagan / Master Lepus / Justice / Quintus

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Aegir - G. Owl - Elkanen - Khagan - Boss Wolf

Why everyone keeps mentioning Justice , she is one of the best tanks in game LoL

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Let mokarr the traitor kills his own allies


What’s the worst team, that’s an interesting thing to think about, great topic.

My nominations:

Elena - sorry Elena, I like you, but you are far too squishy… and we’ll set you on the edge so you can only give 1 neighbor reflect, should you get lucky enough to fire.
Victor - not that strong defensively, and… even as a freakin’ boss your damage is not causing much worry. Your healing steal, well… you can suck it (pun totally intended :slight_smile: ).
Magni - you are a great hero, I use you a lot. You get to be tank because you are not good at that, a total glass cannon, but they better kill you quick or the game might change a little in your favor…
Rana - you are not bad, but my nomination because you’re not doing enough damage to kill, and your defense is not particularly strong either. I’m not sure there’s any truly horrible yellow 5*… Guardian Owl gets a bad wrap, but he has strong defensive stats, and his special, once it does fire (ok, that’ll take 1000 years), is nothing to play with and seems particularly good defensively. Imagine him as tank with a high level mana boosting troop, I would think twice.
Elkanen - champion of “meh” amongst 5* :laughing:. But an honorable mention for Yunan.

To be honest, I don’t think there’s any 5* or any hero in general that doesn’t have any value at all (although, Vlad… :thinking: ). 5* are still 5*… I don’t think you can come so easily with a 3* team and beat an all 5* team, even the (relatively) bad ones, the basic attack/defense stats are just too far apart. A good 4* team might have a chance.

Some of you who have mentioned Kadilen… I must strongly object. She was my first green 5*, and got maxed, and now… she is one of the heroes I use all the time, on defense and offense. While her damage in itself isn’t that high… she does hit all enemies FAST, which is not common. It adds up with repeated hits. And especially if you team her up with Isarnia or Evelyn, her damage is going to be very far from trivial. But her main selling point is the +74% defense against specials… this will keep your heroes alive where they would otherwise die. And, well… having alive heroes matters a lot, on offense and defense both. To my surprise she even makes a very decent tank (well, it helps in my case that she’s flanked by defense boosting Magni and Khagan), probably because she will quickly take the sting out of the attacker’s specials.

Of course she does stand in the shadow of the other green 5* fast all-hitter, Zeline… if given the choice between them, yeah of course I’d go with Zeline over Kadilen. But Zeline is a hard to get HotM, and Kadilen can be had by anyone from TC20 or regular summons. Even if you have Zeline, I think there’s still room for Kadilen also. Or better yet, how about Evelyn, Zeline and Kadilen together… blue opponents will shake in their boots. :grin:

i dissagree about mok arr , match him with horgull & any sniper he can be devastating
i have a line up of wilbur -horgall-mok-arr,magni,vivica that often hits 3/400 above its power
fire horgall& mok together then fire wilbur magni & it finishes off many teams

Justice is good yes. However it’s been asked for a 5* rainbow team so you have to find the worst yellow 5*.
Surely if you pick justice as the worst you don’t put her as the tank. Rather a wing so that she does not fire before the rest of the team is dead.

There’s no real bad Holy in defense anyway… Not many people like owl but… If you put him on wing and he fires after everyone else is dead he may wipe out your entire team alone… As a tank he’s not so good but he’s tough still… Sooooo my choice would be either justice wing or Musashi tank as he’s really bad on this

I would say in this order

Harder, the worst A defense rainbow team
Only amazing defense heroes but ■■■■ setup, kill magni who’s very squishy as a tank and they don’t hit anymore. OK you have to take down alby quick as well but tbh the harder was for nature

Replace Magni with Aegir. Might have a war of attrition there. :rofl:

Albi - Ares - Aegir - Guin - Aeron

Yeah but except for anchor no one considers aegir as an A class defense hero

Well the lineup is all grade A then

“Of COURSE I’m not cup dropping. Look at the ratings!” :sunglasses:

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Assuming Elena is in the middle give me 3 Valen’s, Bane, and Balthazaar. If I get a generously blue board, I could do it. If I get all red’s…

Whatever 5* team you come with, i can’t put it on.

I think to be really competitive the team must be 5x 4-80… And guess what? Guardian Owl is still at 1-1 together with Thorn, Quintus, whatsoever.

I don’t really think someone will have all the heroes in the weakest 5* maxed out. Noone will max Kong and owl :smiley:

Any formation with healers only.

Alberich - Alberich - Alberich - Alberich - Alberich

Vivica - Vivica - Vivica - Vivica - Vivica

**Oh sorry rainbow team my bad let me edit :joy:

Guardian Kong/Red Hood - Aeron - Alberich - Vivica - Aegir

Or replace Alby with Horghall

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