Cup Dropping in Style - What's the worst rainbow 5* team?

Rainbow Horror Team:
Elena, quintus, aegir, Justice, Elkanen

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Lady lock is crazy good and what makes you not like Inari

I’ve got to say when I read her special I was super excited but I saw some vids and her special isn’t that effective


Khagan - elkanen - boss wolf - guardian owl - kadilen


I didn’t like her either… Until I found out her special stacks with blind. I.e. you can still get a dodge even if the opponent misses due to blind. She’s actually really effective on offense.

When I saw the title, I thought you meant fashion:

5- King Arthur- Blue- Chilling in that beard
4- Yunan- Green - Regal
3- Red Hood- Red - Runway waif
2- Boss Wolf - Purple - Ermine cloak, enough said.
and the most fashionable:

1- Guardian Owl- Yellow

With that top hat, that cane and A MECHANICAL OWL, was anyone surprised by this pick?


For a bit of creative picking:

Ares - Aeron - Aegir - Kadilen - Guinevere

Kadilen is the only (weak) attacker, the three HOT healers will all overwrite each other, the two heroes that would make good tanks are useless on the wings, and Aegir is Aegir. A decent 4* attack team should easily wipe them out.


It would be easily this:
Ares - Aegir - Inari - Mock-Arr - Elkanen


All slow, low defense out front. There are 3 star teams that could take out that lineup.

Aegir - Aeron - Delilah - Alberich - Ares

totally toothless

That one depends on who you’re going in with. That could also be a nightmare line up for someone without snipers to attack with.

You want Guardian Owl tanking, for sure. Not only is he very slow, but his special is far less effective when it goes off (if it goes off) when everyone’s still alive.

Then you’d want Elena and Boss Wolf on the corners, as they take the longest to charge and are absurdly ineffective there.

That leaves green and blue: Elkanen is our green turd, to be sure; blue is a little more difficult—Rumple or Perseus will do the trick, I’d say.

Boss Wolf-Elkanen-Guardian Owl-Perseus-Elena.

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I like to drop cups down to 2400 and maximize the recruits I get per raid. The Lagoon family from Atlantis has a really nice 15% attack bonus if you can fill all 5 slots on a team with unique members of the family. It also happens that Wilbur is a better than average tank for a 4-star hero and people underestimate him. They also underestimate Mok-Arr and think his friendly fire is much worse than it really is.

I’ve been using this to drop cups but the team is broken. I usually have a few defensive victories but this time they all clumped together. I’ve written in the attack strengths of each hero after the Lagoon family and troop buffs. In this layout I can hover around 2500 cups.

But when I move Gobbler in as tank then the cups fall into the 2300-2400 range. And I still see the occasional defense victories followed by rematches until they win. I guess if you lose to a Gobbler tank team, you just can’t let that go.


Magni…fast sniper but a glass cannon…Horndahl maybe as well…way too slow

wow i dont have the guy on the end right and my wilb is low and i was messing around with this i like it thanks heaps
i wonder what else i could use on the right hand side but this is cool
i could use a gato :smiley:

5 Aegirs. (All maxed)
Because we love him :face_with_monocle:


I think you may be giving the game away a little bit there :thinking:

Also…all those wasted scopes… :sob:

“Elkanen is our green turd to be sure”

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A few minor changes:
Aegir - Aeron - Alberich - Inari - Ares
Alberich is most useless if he is placed in the center. Also, I consider Inari the worst yellow non-attacker.

@Aboisso27 Never ever can a 3* team take out those four slow area hitters + Thorne. If just one of the area hitters bursts his special, your whole team is dead. Also, one hit from Elena or Quintus already takes away a third or more of most 3* heroes’ HP.

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Horghall / Khagan / Master Lepus / Justice / Quintus

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Aegir - G. Owl - Elkanen - Khagan - Boss Wolf

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