Cup dropping fix – restrict revenge team power relative to defense team power

I think SG has to do something with cup dropping. Cup dropping is some kind of cheating, allowed but still cheating. Therefore I was thinking how to fix this issue.

My idea (sorry if it was introduced before) is simple. There has to be limit. If your raid defence team is worth 3400 points then in revenges you can use only 3500 point team max. Not like it is now, defence 3400, revenge with 4000+ team.

I understand this idea is not complete but I think it is good start. Current raiding system is just abused way to much.

Yea they say there’s something like a 300 or 400 difference eitherway but I’m find as my cups increase I am getting totally unfairly matched opponents some 600+ and always with fully leveled/acended teams meaning in knowing they are way to strong I left/forced to use reroll and at least 20 times before I get any sort if decent fair opponent.

I also found tgat during raids many times the opponent’s mana increase weather ut was hit with it’s own tiles or not and even many times even when it hasn’t been hit and yet your own mana does seem to make a move.

Then there’s the firing which you xan only do when your mana is full but yet they seem to be able to fire away one after the other at any time.

Example; So the way it goes is you find an opponent and play your first challenge, you can’t seem to get any tiles let along the ones you need but yet each one of there’s can take a shot and completely take out one or more of your heros with a single hit even when your heros energy is full and you lose.

So you a do a rematch and all of sudden your shits from the same heros do more damage than they did the first time and their shots are less effective against.

Now understanding the tiles not being the same during any games is normal which would determine partially how the game is played, BUT a hero’s strength’s should be the same at all times from both sides and not (example) 1 opponents hero shots you outright in one challenge and that exact same hero can’t make a dent in the rematch(end example) as this goes to show and also prove that the game us rigged to keep you from growing.

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I don’t understand why people hate cup droppers so much. When I raided at the top of my level I was forced to spend thousands of food just to try to find ONE opponent I MIGHT be able to beat, yet I was rarely raided which indicated my defense team was good enough for that level. Why shouldn’t I drop cups? That way I can actually fill that darn chest and also provide an easy kill for others wanting to fill their chests.

If you want a fix for cup droppers, fix the reason we need to drop cups rather than punishing us for completing a necessary part of the game we dislike. We’re trying to have fun in this game too, you know, and with the rarity of ascension items we need to take every avenue that exists to get them.


Cup dropping is done to get ham quicker. Not that it’s cheating, it’s just kind of exploiting the raid system. It doesn’t hurt anyone to drop cups other than the individual or the alliance if they are really pushing for higher ranks. If that’s your case, then I would suggest trying to get them to stop or just let them go.

Your idea is in the right place but there’s an easy way around it. set your raid defence low and lose cups, then just set it high again and get your ham and cups.

Raid match-ups are based off your cups. They try to match you with people with the same cups but some are higher or lower.

“I also found tgat during raids many times the opponent’s mana increase weather ut was hit with it’s own tiles or not and even many times even when it hasn’t been hit and yet your own mana does seem to make a move”

It doesn’t matter what tile a hero is hit with, they gain mana regardless and they all gain an amount every turn whether hit or not.

“Then there’s the firing which you xan only do when your mana is full but yet they seem to be able to fire away one after the other at any time”

Look at the health bar of opposing heroes, you should see a sword icon and a number, the number represents how many turns until that hero will attack with a normal attack. because it is an AI defence there are no tiles for the other team, so it’s like when fighting in the normal map.

As far as having some of your heroes one shot by an opponent and then in a rematch not dying the same way. Check to make sure none of your heroes are debuffed(Defence down, attack down sort of thing). Every hero has a special which hits harder than normal attacks.

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they are not going to touch the whales, so the solution, to play all well, is to change the cups. bronze up to 1000; gold up to 1500, platinum up to 2000 and diamond the rest. the cheats move falling to 1650 and recovering platinum with the chest, so we would all fit.

As for me I couldn’t care less about ham except to get mine back, so I just keep my defense team low and make myself a target so I have plenty of players to revenge and fill the chest. It’s a win-win as far as I can tell.


because you have fun without letting others have fun, selfish.

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IPlease tell me how my keeping a low level defense team prevents you from having fun. I’m constantly seeing people complain about cup droppers and calling it cheating, but i have yet to hear why they consider it cheating or why it’s a problem. The only reason I have seen is that they don’t want us to fill our chests faster than they can fill theirs, and the complainer makes the asumption that we enjoy raiding and have many heroes of all colors to stack with.

Why do you dislike cup droppers so much? If your goal is to get into the top leaderboard then my cup dropping is a good thing because it’s less competition for you. If your goal is to fill your chest then i provide you with an easy target with which to do so (the high number of raids against me proves this). If your goal is to gain food/iron then cup dropping has a far less impact then a low level watchtower (which mine is not).

I’d like to know why you see it as a problem. I have given my reasons for cup dropping and they are valid; I think it’s only fair that you give me your reason to dislike my cup dropping.

Personally it was the ones who drop a bit, then put their full power defense teams back up to directly compete against lower tier players with weaker teams that annoyed me when I was weaker and also just trying to fill my chests. Someone who just sets a lower defense and actually sticks to it for chest filling isn’t a bother to me.

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because the mats fall in platinum, not in gold, nor in bronze, and so many fall, that you complain, spend 100 thousand meals and take 2 days to fill the chest, you provoke the others, that we can not get to platinum or keep us, because it is full of rivals of 5 * and 3500. of what you complain above, you provoke it below, but worse, because we do not get good prizes. It is not difficult to understand. And believe me the prize difference is huge from gold to platinum.

Problem is that 4100+ team gets 50 cups from 3700 team. That is ridiculous. I have to deal with such thing every single day. In my opinion there has to be some limits or live change. Stronger the team you set against defence team, less you cups you can get. Now it doesn’t matter at all.

As I said my idea is not complete I just think developers have to think about changes. Current system is far from ok. Now I have to choose, to be a/an ****** (some bad word) and go easy or fight with honour.

Yes but your own mana only increases when it’s ow tiles have been fired not at every turn no matter what and when. Also who’s it work when every one of there heros can shot back at you after each and every shot of yours destroying 2, 3 or more of your heros at once including at times from far weaker heros and you can’t seem to make a move because your not getting any tiles or your mana is increasing so slow it seems like your getting nowhere.

I’ve come to the point where I can virtually tell after the first 2 or 3 return shots from the opponent showing how hard I’m being hit if I am going to win or lose and that also applies to opponents far weaker than me who can somehow distroy me in a single shot whilst I have full energy/power. Makes no sense.

You say raids are based on cups! Somehow I dout that it only is cups as your going to tell me that your team power is not at play also here and also that your game is not level restricted to only be able to reach so far begore the system decides you are moving to fast so it only gives you unbeatable game plays and opponents.

If the game was trurly based on cups then even lower level players would be able obtain higher cup amounts based on only playing lower strength battles than themselves but that isn’t the case as the system only allows to reach so far meaning although you may be led to believe it’s based on cups there us far more at play here in the background than what it seems. Having said that I also remember reading a post a while back saying that the game was also level controlled meaning your level decided how far or fast you moved up.

At the end of the day it is only a game and as games go you will win and lose which is only right, but you can’t tell me that you don’t get annoyed when you have a hero/s shot down by far weaker opponents which you know shouldn’t have been the case asking yourself ( how did that happen).

You also can’t tell me that it’s right that when rerolling oy delivers a continuous steam of far stronger opponents with over the said 300 difference limit forcing you to keep rerolling to play.

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Given how many advantages the attackers have, the defenders are given a few to make things fairer. There’s a flat 20% bonus to the defense for a start. And because the defenders don’t use gems, they get a base amount of mana every turn, plus more from being hit with gems. And the attackers still have the advantage.

With practice, a decent win rate is about 2 wins in 3 battles. But you need to actually put in the practice and make some effort towards building your heroes because the game won’t just decide to suddenly make raiding easy on you if you don’t.

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I am not quite sure what you’re saying; are you saying that ascension materials only come from chests in platinum on up, and so cup droppers who go from platinum to gold complain about the lack if materials? Meanwhile we set low defense teams so others attack and get into platinum, which they cannot really compete in because their team can only handle the gold tier; then those who cannot handle platinum spend hundreds of thousands of food and two days to fill one chest?

If that’s the case here is my argument against it:

Ascension materials do come from gold tier chests; I once got rings from one and I’ve also gotten a warm cape. I only dipped my toes into platinum but was too weak to stay (see my first post). That is the main reason I cup dropped. Others who get into platinum too early can do the same or wait to be raided down to gold again. They don’t have to spend so much food and time to find opponents and fill their chests—that’s just a choice. As for the complaints, there are complaints about every way of getting materials; why would that impact your gameplay?

I never wanted to get high in cups; it just sort of happened. I slowly increase my defense team to be sustainable to my attack team. It’s my intention to enjoy the game I spend hard-earned money on WITHOUT hurting others who are trying to do the same. If there is a real problem with my method of filling the chest I’d be open to a compromise, but all-out making this important aspect of the game frustrating to me is unacceptable. My life is frustrating enough without the very tool I use to relieve that stress add to it.

I do not like raiding but I need to fill the chest as often as I can so that I can ascend my heroes; why should only those who enjoy raiding and already have a deep hero bench get to fill that chest and get more items?

I personally don’t mind cup dropping.

There are benefits to keeping your cups high: better rewards in diamond and platinum, getting used to fighting tougher opponents.

If other people dropping is making it tougher for you since there are harder opponents, then you should just drop some cups yourself.

In normal play you will always rise in cups to the point where it is challenging. This happens no matter what.

The answer to this is just to drop cups. Basically there are always 2 options: play until you’re facing a lot of tough battles or just drop cups.

I don’t see it as cheating in any way.

PS: Just for the record. I haven’t dropped cups in months. I might in the future, but have no plans of doing so at the present time.

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I’m not really sure how this relates to cup droppers, but I’m GUESSING you lose more cups to our revenge attacks than you gained from attacking us in the first place. If that’s the case then I see why it bothers you so much, especially if you’re tying to get in the higher ranks. I do agree that this would be a problem, but instead of punishing us for making the game enjoyable for ourselves, why not suggest instead that revenge attacks can only make up to 80-90% back on the cups they lost to that raid?

The only time I’ve ever seen that kind of cup gain from lower level teams is when I’m revenging, and even then it isn’t really common and they’re within about 300 power to my attack team. Recently I gained only 7 cups from a revenge whereas he had gained 47 cups for attacking me. Another time someone gained 15 cups from me whereas I gained 47 revenging them. I don’t know what algarhythm is used to decide cup gain and loss, but it seems totally random.

The cup win to loss ratio is not the fault of the players dropping cups, but in the program the developers use. Your suggestion would seriously hurt my enjoyment of this game because as I said before I actually hate raiding and only do it to fill the chest. Ask for an improvement in the cup win/loss factor, not for a “cup dropping fix.” Calling me dishonorable for an issue I am not the cause of then expecting me to want to raid as you do is unfair and frankly insulting.


You probably lose a lot of cups when a “weaker” player beats you. You can then only get a small amount back since they are still a “weaker” player.

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This is how I see it as well. I started out never dropping cups; the battles were tough but I won a decent amount and filled my chest within about ten flags. Then I naturally landed into the higher ranks where my opponenets were consistanly 300+ power above me and I was lucky to take out just one of their heroes. I finally just dropped cups and I have now found a sustainable defense to offense team power level. Given that I get raided about 24 times a day I’d say there are plenty of people who are enjoying my cup dropping method.

If they have a problem with me revenge attacking with a higher level team then they shouldn’t attack a weaker team than themselves in the first place, since that’s the same exact thing they’re complaining I’m doing, is it not?

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Probably, though I still sometimes get more cups back than I had lost despite them being weaker. It’s strange.

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