Cup droppers are wimps

Smurfing is also boring. Anyone who has smurfed with good intentions (i.e. playing a low/unranked account to play with lower ranked friends in multiplayer) will admit that it is boring, and it affects everyone else in the games/bracket. So the good is not that good.

I can somewhat understand people here that are doing it out of laziness or lack of time, I don’t think they need to drop that far back to be able to fill chests quickly, but since SG allows it people will continue to do it.


Maybe take a break from the game for a day or two. Using words like “dishonorable” and “sociopathic” is a bit extreme. This is just a mobile puzzle game.


I’m sorry you were offended, but I really can’t help that; but, my other posts this week have been pretty positive overall and I am on a break anyway, between Alliances, just made SH20 so this week has been getting my fourth training camp up and running at TC 11, summons are rewarding me, albeit a few months after the heroes would have been really useful but spitting out 3 and 4*'s won’t get me to complain now. The tournament was fun and I found the matching really fair albeit varied and commented on it right up to the last 2 days where I suffered. I simply stated a very personal opinion not represented a belief as fact.

Novice tip for newcomers, don’t upgrade your Watchtower without a good reason, it just makes you an attractive target.

Please enjoy and take care.

You mean watchtower?


Thank you most kindly, I have corrected it.

That is a myth

(Myth or facts – is there any truth in you should not upgrade your Watchtower (WT) past levels 10-12?)

Currently I advise a Watchtower the same level as you Stronghold ( see above link ).


Some people’s defenses are way ahead of their offenses. Cup droppers are wimpy like a fox.

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Well, I have to admit, I cup-drop from time to time. Not proud of it, but sometimes it’s the only way for me to fill a hero chest.

But, in my defense, at least I always put up 5 heroes so others can fill their chests as well.

Once I got past Gold and into Platinum, I started seeing some of this. There was a point where I was frustrated trying to fill my hero chests, it seemed to take forever. I briefly considered becoming a cup-dropper myself, just to face easier fights to fill my hero chests.

I ended up not doing it, instead I just kept building my team, and now I sit in Diamond and I revenge anyone who comes at me, and I find myself spending gems to reset my hero chest all the time, because I can fill them up much faster than I used to.

I can certainly understand why people do it - when you reach a point of frustration trying to fill up a chest, one might consider the alternatives available to them to make the game more fun for them. And if having easier fights is fun for them, well… that’s fine. :slight_smile:

There is ONE THING that I dislike about cup-droppers, and that is: please, please, PLEASE put five heroes in your defense. The people who put up only 3 heroes, or 1 hero… that’s a waste of everyone’s time. At least give five weak targets so that the person attacking you (and helping you achieve your goal of lowering your cups, which ultimately helps you fill your hero chest) is also being helped with their own hero chest. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


I don’t really drop out of platinum but I’ll confess I’m a cup dropper too, technically in a sense so hate me if you want.

I raid, use a flask if no tournament flags available to fill my heroes chest. This usually will get me into the top 100 or very close.

I clear my watchtower and log off asap.
Usually get raided about 15-20 times with plenty of revenge targets while my cups drop anywhere from 100-300.

I have no qualms attacking sub 4k defenses as long as they have ham.

Raid priorities:
Fill chests
Get ham

Nothing personal, so take advantage and get your ham too.


Love cup droppers…they make life easy for me. Heck I revenged someone the other day for 3 cups.


If that is a cup-dropper, guess i am one also :rofl:
My offensive team can get me to 2400-2550 cups but my defense is probably good enough to hold steadily at 1900-2k cups.
I don’t necessarily want to drop cup, but i have no choice :joy:
My raid defense is my last priority so it gets destroyed every night.
Have fun with my defense :partying_face:

I have to concede that my defense team is intentionally flawed to make it a little bit easier for people to grab my cups - it keeps me in lower diamond when I log off, but I could make it more effective if I really wanted to. I’d go full rainbow defense if I really wanted to make it harder for raiders, instead of using two greens and skipping purple.

I’m not all that fond of raiding, but I also get bored with total curb stomps, so my defense is a compromise between getting frustrated at fighting at the very top level when I just want to fill my raid chest and get on with other things and making things so easy there isn’t any challenge at all.

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If you are going to be in this game for as much as some players, you notice that sometimes you just want to take a break from the top and just play easy and safe.

Raiding a much weaker team then yours is not really fun, but lose 4 raids out of a bad streak of opening boards is not fun either, or costantly put your best effort for farming and still see people get ahead of you is discouraging.
People want still to play, but lower their standards.

Don’t judge something only because you don’t get it now.
People don’t do that solely to make fun of you.


someone channeling @Brobb

Well said bro, this is a game of endurance and patience. There will be times you’ll want to "take a break"

I’m getting nervous and a little excited. I’ve never had a decent tank, recently started using GM+3 which has been an indirect blessing.

Like @Paulon, this does induce more attacks and consequently easier to fill chests but now my kunchen is almost maxed. I’ll put some emblems on him and see if filling raid chests gets harder.

In fact, I just filled my chest, was #98 so I logged off.

Let’s see my defense in an hour.

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Just to add, my defense team sucks and I don’t care much about my defense team.
Trophy and chest loots are not that impressive anyhow.
So the only reason I raid is because I am out of food, each raid win gives me 10 to 30k, it is a good place to get ham when I needed it for leveling my hero.

I helped my boyfriend set a weaker defense team (plus he has no depth in his hero roster, basically use the same team for raids, farm and titan) , also because all he knows is to match 3 tiles, but this game is about knowing the hero special, stacking color and ghosting tiles, which he has no clue or simply he just doesn’t give a ■■■■…so setting a weaker defense give him more winning moments that motivate him to continually play the game.

So an hour later, won 60% of my defenses but still lost almost 200 cups.

It’s using common sense if someone is level 49 have a 3200 team I pass, as I know when I next log on they would of revenged me and won! I only like to raid people the same level as me I’m at 26 as it normally a good battle not just a plain squash!

Also if they really wanted to stop it could always set your defence team and can’t change it again for 48-72 hours


When I was raiding in upper gold, I would cup drop daily. Sometimes I didn’t even bother switching in my legitimate defense, because I had no problem staying in gold. Cup dropping provided me with a nice list of targets to revenge for filling my heroes chest quickly. I just recently made it to platinum, and now there’s some conflict. It seems like I can stay there comfortably with my best defense, but if I cup drop, I can’t make it back up in time to open my chest in platinum.

Yes, there’s enjoyment from fighting more challenging opponents and winning, but as a F2P, there’s also some satisfaction in opening two chests a day without having to use an excessive number of gems for skips. Between revenges and raid tournaments, I can efficiently farm two hero chests most days.

So here’s my counterpoint - where do you fill your monster chests?


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