Cup droppers are wimps

What do you consider badly outclassed ?

Hi all. My point in doing cup drops, is, to record a video for my ally members showing them how to use the heroes they got, and the possibility of gaining cups. Normally I’ll do it just for that. I’m siting at 2500 ±, nbut my team mates 2200± just for help them understand the dinamic of heroes and how to use them

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I’m good with that but if you are raiding for resources, throw the person you raided a worthless bone; just 5 useless heroes and fewer cups lost. I’m not short on flags having about 45 up my sleeve but hitting a 1 hero defense team is insulting and makes my life harder.

300 points plus my best team.

I don’t like anything at the moment, myself most of all… I can opt out out; third time lucky and all that, but potentially wonderful people not fulfilling their potential is too much.

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I agree with you. 1 hero defense it’s bad for chest. I do not cup drop like that. Many timesi raid a guy and give him de 40 cups by Flee. It’s a way for cup drop but wasting flags. And I cannot afford that because of my propose of atacking with heroes my members have

You know this is a game, so treat it as a game!
Games are supposed to be fun. If E&P is not fun for you anymore try to find out why.

Try not to have to high expectations for yourself. No one has fallen from the sky as a master.
I regularly attack and win against teams with 300 TP more than my team has.

I dont do revenges because usually they are much stronger than me and I have to pick my opponents carefully. Not for strength but for things like tank color, heroes used and my own available heroes.

Thanks to the tournament and my weak defense ( only 3 maxed 5*'s Isarnia, Quintus and Marjana ) I can fill 2 raid chests a day and open them in diamond most of the times.

In war if you do your best possible and have a bad luck streak nobody should hold this aginst you, especially not you yourself. There are days where nothing works and I loose 5 raids in a row.
Luckyly this happens quite seldom nowadays. :smile:

So I wish you best of luck and hope you will be able to play this game a little more relaxed since it is a lot more fun this way.

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It would be really sad if other people could take the fun out your game.
The best thing to do is to ignore them. At least it works for me! :smiley:

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Way to go, you guys woke up the fun police lol

I’m not trying, believe me.

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Off topic:
War and Tourney aren’t the same constant battle for points the same way raiding is. I can feel much more relaxed about those because their impact to me is done as soon as the flags run out. It’s not that I hate raiding per se. It just feels like such a grind/obligation.

I’ve made my peace with it. I stopped caring about the points and just focus on food farming. Stopped caring about revenges and let myself feel comfortable in high Platinum and low Diamond


You are a dead set hero dude!

I like raiding and had another 6-0 war performance today where I took out two 4100+ teams with a 3600+ and a 3700+ team. I think that is only possible because I have so much practice with raiding.
But actually I am going the same way you go….just having more fun it seems. :smile:

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