Cup droppers are wimps

Cup droppers, which all I have been up against recently are the most gutless people playing this game. Platinum and Diamond players; where is the fun in beating up a bare 1200’er? Are you people sick? For your the deity of your choices afterlifes sake, some of you lose cups on the transaction. That is just demented.


How do you feel about campers in CT?

EDIT: I meant CS lmao



I don’t have the character of one person. (for penguins, that was to make up the character limit)

Campers in Cazic Thule are the worst. Let me in on the Rubicite farm you cheese bags!

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Be a ball-dropper and revenge them

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Bushwookies in MP games are usually not that problematic. They’re sitting back in their bushes missing snipes and being ineffective but otherwise toothless since they’re not helping with any particular team objective. The fact that newer BR games tend to have some environmental effect forcing players to move is a pretty good thing I assume but I don’t play them.

Spawn camping in team-based MP is/was more annoying, but in games I played where players had their own funded servers such activities could be dealt with efficiently by an admin, if not managed by the players.

Cup dropping in Empires is more like smurfing though. I think smurfs are lazy and probably not quite as good as they think themselves if they need to smurf :smiley:

Edit: also with spawn camping it’s usually a fail tactic because while spawn camping someone will have survived/escaped and will be freely working on objectives, and the spawn campers never seem to learn. Derp derp.


Why do you hate cup droppers so much? I just love them! 5 easy kills for my hero chest! What’s not to like?


I didn’t mean to drop it!! I may have had too much to drink and it kinda just slipped out of my hand!! Jeez, you people are BRUTAL!! I drop ONE cup in 50 years and you start following me around!!! Go pick on the handicap spot parkers, or the don’t pick up the dog poopers…ONE CUP ■■■■ you!!!


YOU have me. I am wrong, usually it’s for years at a time however this time it is brief.
My unedited response follows and leads to the start of this EDIT: paragraph!!!.

Because unless they are large burning large amounts of food hoping for that one lucky low draw, then they are doing something to be matched with me. I use my honestly best defense team. I don’t feel good about raiding people who don’t have a hope and I guess I just totally fail to understand people who do.

Take care wonderful person.


I just don’t understand how on earth a 4xxx tp team could stay in lower platinum. Even if you don’t raid, the number of cups should be automatically goes above 2000 over night!


Opps…it’s upper gold. My bad!


I admitted that I was wrong just above as I worked out the most likely answer (and I don’t want to imply more than I have said). I think maybe they just keep rolling the dice, but 3380 is never going to be a fair matchup to 2990 imo. EDIT: and dropping/sacrificing your own cups for the hero points to fill raid chests is still dishonorable.

Gaming the system

Emphasis added

I think you nailed it.

This is a game. People play it to have fun.

The Devs could try several additional things to fix it, but they have already done things ( see notes). My alliance went from 75% having 0 trophies to all being in Gold ( 1200 ), or higher, after the changes 1.10 & 1.12 .


They probably manually trophy drop and everyone rerolls when they pop up. Trophies only change after a bout.


(Seriously? [extreme cup-dropping])


I don’t get the purpose of cup dropping too.
Rather than cup dropping, I think it should be better to just go mono or 3 - 2 against any team, be it in diamond or platinum arena.
Higher platinum and diamond arena is quite a level playing field. Forget the bad board. Everyone has their chances.

Btw, I will happily steamrolled a team with 5 Aifes and 2400 cups.


The old “Aife” defense. 1 group of people love using it to a limited extent in Alliance wars; NooB bait; “Hey come over here and waste good flags for 25 pts” and you have a leader who thinks just plug away and the best (aka more virtuous) will prevail.

I don’t get the purpose of cup dropping in diamond. But back in gold it’s sometimes difficult to fill the hero chest without spending big amounts of food on rerolls.


They are just ‘farming’ I think. I see it as underhanded and that they are sociopathic but I doubt they do for even the 15 seconds it takes to destroy me.

I just thank the powers that be that I refused to upgrade my stronghold as more overnight food just caused issues; then no raiding of much sort for days and for days I had been free and clear and woke to discover I had been metaphorically molested.

I seldom reroll. But I alter my lousy heroes according to the opponents’. Even winning regularly using my 3 strongest blue against a Guin and Kunchen tank.
Since turning f2p, it usually takes me an average of 8 - 12 flag per chest which stretch to almost half a day.
Everything had changed when I bring Kunchen to +3 emblem though.


Smurfing is also boring. Anyone who has smurfed with good intentions (i.e. playing a low/unranked account to play with lower ranked friends in multiplayer) will admit that it is boring, and it affects everyone else in the games/bracket. So the good is not that good.

I can somewhat understand people here that are doing it out of laziness or lack of time, I don’t think they need to drop that far back to be able to fill chests quickly, but since SG allows it people will continue to do it.


Maybe take a break from the game for a day or two. Using words like “dishonorable” and “sociopathic” is a bit extreme. This is just a mobile puzzle game.


I’m sorry you were offended, but I really can’t help that; but, my other posts this week have been pretty positive overall and I am on a break anyway, between Alliances, just made SH20 so this week has been getting my fourth training camp up and running at TC 11, summons are rewarding me, albeit a few months after the heroes would have been really useful but spitting out 3 and 4*'s won’t get me to complain now. The tournament was fun and I found the matching really fair albeit varied and commented on it right up to the last 2 days where I suffered. I simply stated a very personal opinion not represented a belief as fact.

Novice tip for newcomers, don’t upgrade your Watchtower without a good reason, it just makes you an attractive target.

Please enjoy and take care.

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