Cup dropper looking for alliance

As the title says, I am a cup dropper that floats between 1200 to 1600 cups.

My tp is as follow:
1st team - 3500
2nd team - 3200
3rd team - 3000
4th team - 2700 (midst of leveling)
5th & 6 team - 1900 (not leveled)

As I have only started playing in early March, upgrading my buildings, heroes and troops are my top priority now. Hence i am cup dropping for resource gathering. I can stay above 2000 cups but cups are not important to me for now. I am an active person that hits titans x6 per day and opponents x6 per war.

Looking for highly active alliance that is willingly to kick inactive players, does not mind me cup dropping and can hit 7* titans and above.

Treadmill Heroes United. Need 1… don’t mind cup dropping just need an active player.

8/9 star titans at the moment

Had a big clear out of inactives not long ago.

Hi your welcome at Palace X. Come have a look we are a fun bunch. Our requirements are 2500TP and 800 cups. Which u already have and we not really concerned with cups.

You can contact me on line my id is dragongirlkzn if u have any question.

We are very active and keep the alliance that way. It is fairly new—a bunch of us split off from previous alliance and just now getting to 6* Titans. We look forward to fighting larger. We are moving up the ratings daily.

[#bcc6cc]Calling all misfits…JOIN OUR RANKS!
[#bcc6cc] We want like minded people who want to be the best and have fun while doing it.
[#FFa500] 18+ Only those interested in world domination and have a great sense of humor need apply!
[#bcc6cc] Must be level 15 or team power at 2500. 1000 cup minimum.
[#FFa500] Line app is encouraged but not required.
[#FFa500] You know you wanna join us…so just DO IT!

I guess the code did not work. We are The Misfits Mutiny.

We’d happliy take you in Paisley Power!

We’re active, fun, chatty bunch, and killed our first two 8* titans, back at a 7* today.

Cup dropping isn’t an issue. We don’t have many who do, but it isn’t a big deal, and I respect anybody who does interesting stuff to maximize their game progress like that. (Always fun for me to point out to our leader when I get ahead of her!)

We have one opening now, or you can contact me on line (barrywuzhere)

Hi there!

We Global Titan Slayers look for 1 members - here’s the link for your info.

Current we are looking for active members who can participate both AW & Titans. (as mentioned, we do kick inactive players after certain warnings without any reason from them so yup - we are definitely love this game and keep improving ourselves) We are moving up steadily as we got new members who grow with us along the way. you can check us out too. we do have longer stays that growing together as well. like a big family! :slight_smile:

We do chat at times and help if you need any advice on the game. we have a line (Apps) if you wish to communicate with more in depth information.
We have different zone as well so don worry abt no companion to talk to! Let us know if you need any further information will get back to you through here. :slight_smile:

K2J is you still looking for an alliance Palace X will happily have you. Just send us a request.

Cup dropping has basically been nerfed. Not to mention pretending to be weak to prey on weaker teams was never fair play. Instead of 92k food now you’re lucky to get 30k food. Try to attack stronger teams then you won’t have to be cheap.

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