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Hello everyone, let’s see how you can help me.

I had my account on Android, I bought an iPad and connected it with iOS, but it turns out that later I lost my Android phone, when I bought a new one, I connected my own email, but by mistake I deleted my progress from Google Play Games.

Every time I log into my account on iOS I can play perfectly, when I do it on Android I have a new level 2 profile.

When I contact the game they tell me that I should contact Google, but that profile cannot be recovered, I deleted all the progress of all my games.

What I want is for SmallGiant to release the Android profile for me in my account, which I can enter perfectly only on iOS.

Please help me, want to play on Android. If someone could connect with me it would be of great help. When I try to connect it to Android from iOS it tells me: it is already linked.

Have you signed into Facebook with the account before hand that could be a solution.

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I connect the actual account in iOS in my favevook, and start my account in Android with the same facebook profile, both account have the same name.

iOS y Android : same name
same mail, except the domain, Gmail and icloud
Facebook: Fernando Pilier in both
The acoount level is 63, and play perfectly
But in Android is level 2.

I want connect it in Android, but says is already coneected, that is terrible.

Your going have to contact support

Also edit out your fb name in the post above.
Give as much information as you can. In the support, good luck.

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