Crystal Palace fast titan takedown 12*

Hello everyone! Crystal set a date about a month ago to do a fast titan takedown. 29 of our members got together to see how fast we could take down a 12* titan. We were able to complete the task in 6 minutes and 48 seconds. I streamed the full event so please check out the video. I’m extremely happy with our team in what they could accomplish. Well done CP!


It was fun but unfortunately I did lose a bet…my defense will go down faster than that titan did with my new bleeping tank. Good job Dator.


Guess I’m raiding @uclapack now :smiling_imp:
Oh and great job on taking the 12* Titan down so quickly and with ease.


CONGRSTS! Nice job taking it down

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Sooooo fun to see Dator luck applies on Titan boards as well as war boards. Awesome video! You guys are hilarious!


I’m the only one that missed it? Lame…

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To be fair you are also the only one that could leave 1 hp left on a titan after a hit…I mean we didn’t plan to leave you out :joy::yum:


You beat me to it lol


would’ve been 3 mins if my pro titan hits were available

You know I would have to agree with this.

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Edit ■■■■ it wrong thread.

But nice take down

It hurts my eyes see how much tornados it takes to do it, but neverless great job.

So you still pick Tarlak even for red titans.

Fun fact: 6:48 seconds happens to be the electric car record fastest lap around the Nurburgring.

Good job guys well done

Uclapack is a WOMAN? I always thought he’s a man :slight_smile:

Anyway, that was hardcore

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Ooooh they made you use an Aegir tank for losing the bet… ouch!

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Lots didnt use tornadoes like I do. I get nuggets as some people get common herbs. I can throw a few tornadoes out there without hurting my nuggets.

nice work folks!!!

we had a different take on titan challenge planned for last night, but a rare popped up and spoiled the plans.

Someone would have had to use another flag for 1hp lol

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Gg @Dator :+1::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
Gg Crystal Palace

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