Crystal Palace 12 minute Titan takedown

Crystal Palace decided to have a Titan take down today to try and beat 7dd’s record. We successfully killed a 10* titan in about 12 minutes. We had been coordinating this for a few weeks and I’m so happy we were able to come together to make this successful. 25 members from multiple countries came together to make this happen.

We were also able to reach #1 alliance in the world which is a first for us. When I first joined CP it was a top 25 alliance and to see us become #1 (even for a short period) is a huge accomplishment.



It was an absolute blast and a great way to start my week long vacation from E&P… yay for a cruise!


nice work folks!

Which one was it? (color and hp?)

Blue (Kraken) 3234000hp

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Do you know how many total hits it took? Love to hear of all the coordination!

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Was about 73 hits.

20 characters…

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Wohoo, thats looks like a new challenge!

Love to see a confrontation for every color :yum:


45k average dmg?



Not our strongest color. If it was purple it would have been downed faster.

I am sure it was more than that. I left the alliance cause I am going on vacation for a week. I was top attacker with 8 hits for 336k.

I think the log only shows the last so many hits so not sure how to see the total used.

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Indeed there’s no way to have 20 ppl substaining 45k average hit (especially against the only titan having no elemental weakness).

Video posted on initial comment.

Outstanding! Congratulations!!

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Way to go Crystal Palace!!


Very nice @Dator, congrats! I appreciate the video, there’s actually a great deal to be learned from watching. I’m still trying to up my game hitting Titans.


Congrats Crystal Palace! :fireworks:

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Great video, thanks for sharing Dator.

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Really awesome indeed! Congrats!
And the video also is good to show AW gives nice loot. I also got a DB on midweek war

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Nice job guys! Now need a video on how to win a war in 12 min :innocent:


I’m not the best at hitting titans. You need to ask uclapack for her titan hits. I would say she’s one of the best hitters on all titans.

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