Crystal Eagles recruiting, top 10 alliance affiliation

Crystal Eagles is a brand new alliance. We are affiliated with Crystal Palace, home of the 7 minute 10* titan take-down!

We want active players that communicate well; you don’t need to be chatty but coordinating titans and wars is important. A Line account is strongly recommended. We are looking for 3000+ team power, cups negotiable (currently set at 1600).

Tell 'em Finn sent ya!

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Still a few spots available!

Alliance Wars is over and there are a couple of spots left. Come help us take down this 9* titan!

Do you make people send a vid of them singing “Hotel California” as an entry criterion?

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Well… I didn’t come up with the name. Although I would be fine with that. :grin:

We’ve got two openings, we’re beating 9* consistently and with a full team I think we can do 10* no problem (we have beaten a few but two in a row has been too much).

Come help us into the top 100 and remember we’re a feeder alliance for top 10 Crystal Palace!

Join Eagles! Come be a part of the family.

Also, we should edit the first post. We now have a 7 minute titan takedown.

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