Crystal Ball Predictions: Telly and Vela will go through a 3rd round of nerfing... but when?

Disclaimer: This is purely in jest. I have no connection to devs or beta or any inside sources… so this is just me joking around here… DON’T take this post too seriously! :crazy_face:

That said… since we all enjoy the lively discussion this nerfing fiasco brings how about we have some fun with it for once? We all now expect it’ll happen eventually so place your bets on when you think 3rd round of Telly/Vela nerfing will commence… If you think it WONT happen… well I’d LOVE to believe you so please explain :thinking: … feel free to use funny memes to make your point.

My own prediction: Due to ridiculously high emblem costs (screamed about in several threads, and rightly so, yet largely ignored by SG at this point). I think we will still see GTV reign supreme for a few more months and then again get a new notification of intended “balancing” in late Sep or early Oct with actual implementation in Late Oct or Early Nov… feel free to throw in your own prediction details like expected “tokens of appreciation” once nerfed… possible alternatives to nerfs … new hero ideas… seriously get creative and go nuts! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Followup prediction: Once Telly and Vela are nerfed into the ground I suspect early 2021 will see OP heroes crop up again as HOTM that take over completely and start the cycle all over again… any bets on when Telly and Vela will be “balanced” to keep up with new heroes and become worth what we paid for them in the first place? I’m thinking mid-2022 at the earliest. :joy:

What does everyone else see in store for the future of E&P, and why? :crystal_ball: :thinking:


In 2 months imho, v32 or v33.

This is almost a given since in poll somewhere here grand majority of people said they won’t change Telluria. Still Telluria → no more diversity → new nerf (if SG really mean what they said). Vela probably not this time, she felt underpowered by many this nerf already (which is why she still has 130% initial dmg instead of suggested 110%), so mostly Telly and whoever new most frequent flank will be.


Hopefully we will see sensible balancing as and when it’s required. But as tweaks rather than full blown nerfs and buffs.
My view on this is that we should expect such tweaks to become the norm. That way we don’t get all hot under the collar and make the forum so toxic with postings.
At the same time I think now would be the right time for SG to reiterate the terms and conditions of the game and perhaps have a discussion about those.
From a personal perspective I am no longer bothered about either Vela or Telluria. What I would like to see is more balancing of the mediocre heroes that people have in rosters but don’t really use such as Khagan and Horghall and Thorne and Quintus and Captain of Diamonds to name a few.
Even with the recent buff I doubt many people are going to fully level their Khagan. And with Costumes Quintus and Horghall remain on the bench unless you have lots of spare emblems …
And heroes like Captain of Diamonds, well he just needs to do more full stop …


Yea kinda surprised me that Telly escaped unscathed this round… I’m thinking they planned it to be “Both get balanced” announcement twice while only majorly looking at one at a time to make changes slowly after people got scared.

What I’m concerned about is that they don’t keep it up (or don’t keep it up well) and those like me who really have only pulled a few good ones this year (Telly and Vela among them) get left behind while other better heroes come out to dethrone Telly and Vela without proper balancing to keep it fair… thus keeping me from being able to stay in Diamond level for raid chests (not that I get much reward from them anyway).

If they keep it up (balancing) then they better not screw it up… that’s all I’m asking.

Yes I’d love if they at least kept up with those like Horghall and others that get completely left in the dust. If they handle that (and handle it well) then I think there’s still hope left for this game to stay fair.

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Nope, i guess they hope raid formation is enough now to shake things.

We will see after that what’s the new meta.

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I don’t think Vela will be nerfed again… In fact i think they will eventually buff her.
I guess instead that telluria will be nerfed sometime soon.


The cynic in me says…2-4 months…Vela and Telly rears its head again. And SG doesn’t pull it’s collective head out of a certain orafice and decides in its infinite wisdom that Vela needs a nerf into the ground because “balance”.

And they ignore their prized $$$ maker Telly and completely ignore the other untouchable in this trio - Gravemaker- as it’s forbidden to touch the holy one…although its these latter two that really need a nerf and Vela needs a return to at least previous form if not in fact the initial release version.


May be their scenario is Telly and Vela will be buffed again via costume, then most of the owners will pay a lot for summoning costume… :pleading_face:

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Would not surprise me in the least at this point!

If they don’t turn red classic hero into dispeller/cleanser (without costume if 5*), I predict they will nerf Telly.

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perhaps in 2025?

2021-2022 rest s1 costumes and s2 costumes
2023-2024 event heroes costumes
2025 HoTM costumes

hope khagan will, but no

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Why nerf her during a GDA war… when started her this mornings war she had beter stats, now i open her and shes worse then before… but oh yes … keeping gravemaker as is is fair to others… furhter more no comment… think all they want to do is make you pay for beter hero’s…

It is possible to beat Tell + Vela at this point. As GTV teams start losing because of this, we should start to see people trying other things…

It was possible to beat Tell + Vela even with GM all before this last nerf mess that removed Vela’s extra damage to fire. Case in point, see screenshot below. I actually WON with my mono red team on this particular match. It was easy enough already… even with Vela’s extra damage against fire I had enough time (with right heroes) to come back and win despite that horrible starting board.

Furthermore, people are SO practiced at taking down GTV teams that even before the nerf, but especially now, I get attached MORE when I line up my GTV defense versus something else.

With GTV defense up I get smacked left and right until I’m down to around 2500 cups where I can hover a bit until some people inevitably lose and start pushing me back towards 2600.

Now I’m testing out my team of Sesaht, GM, Guin, Vela, and Telly and people have less of an idea how to handle it so I actually win more (when people don’t pass me up… I’m not attacked as often at all now) and I can now STAY above 2600-2650 cups easily.

True it’s not a huge difference cup-wise and I still stay in Diamond level but SG still did players wrong… Guess I’m back to Guin tank for now accompanied by GTV as pure gravy at this point.

If I didn’t have Guin and Kunchen as tank back-ups I’d be super mad at them right now so I feel for all those who have very few 5* heroes with Telly and/or Vela among them. I’m glad I managed to get plenty of good 5* heroes before SG showed us their true colors and convinced me to stop spending any money on them anymore.

If they nerf any more at all then I predict Telly and/or Vela (with or without GM) won’t be able to even keep players in Diamond arena and that will be a crying shame after all the money and effort people put into getting those two.

You’re looking at it wrong.

The question is when will they nerf all of the other 5* HoTM’s in the game so that Telly and Vela become what they were back in March.

Emblems broke the game.

When it takes a year or longer for most players to max emblem a 5* hero, you’re never going to see rapid churn of top defenses.

When something become meta, it will stay meta for a long time.


They were never unbeatable.

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It is possible to beat them without red heros.

Why they nerfed vela is beyond me??? She isnt the most formidable. The problem is when you go in with 4 to 5 red players against telly, vela will kill…(your fault for using a poo lineup). That being said…

I have noticed when you go in with red players against (the nasty one) they never give you any red tiles as opposed to other green heros (statistics counting red tiles welcome).

Small Giant, if you are going to Nerf a hero ”the sucubus” Is the one to nerf. Vela is an important Hero when battling other teams without the golden one, and now she sucks a bit.

I have tried everything and only can beat her 2 out of 10 if she is a tank. One can’t even raid anymore with out spending ham to bypass her.

Telluria Is the problem and the bad boards you give when fighting against her…I feel as if bad boards and an impossible chance of winning are to make her more desirable to have.