Crude Iron RNG Problem

It appears that the odds to receive Crude Iron upon completing any stage have recently decreased significantly. I noticed the problem yesterday when I ran out of crude iron when trying to craft a tornado. It was the first time I have ever run out of any 1* (or 2*) crafting item. It was confusing b/c I don’t use them more than other crafting items and I don’t have similar shortages elsewhere. Also, I farm A LOT and buy every loot ticket package available, so it caught me by surprise. I spent some time farming in AR this afternoon and indeed it seems that crude iron is awarded FAR less than other 1* items. The only time I was able to get it was in Stage 12 (where it has increased odds of appearing). All other 1* items seemed to be awarded almost every time on all stages.


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Not every one star item has the same drop rate. Common herbs drop much more often.

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(Dropping rates of items has decreased- Constantly running out of Bones, Iron, Oil)

Crude Iron seems to be dropping less frequently than 2* or 3* crafting items as well.

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