Crow's Nest Recruiting - Vets Just Looking For Participation

Hello all, I am A Bettik of the alliance Crow’s Nest. I had to recently restart a profile, but was formally a Global #1 3 different times. The members of my former alliance, and our leader, Old Crow, have reassembled to try to build back to former glory and beyond. We are not an intense, pressing alliance. We stress PARTICIPATION OVER PERFORMANCE. We ask that you hit the titans so we can advance and get better loot. IF YOU CHOOSE to participate in war, all that we ask is that you use all your flags. Doesn’t matter how well you do as long as you participate. We give warnings before booting, and Old Crow is a very reasonable, judicious leader who gives members every opportunity to redeem themselves. If you’re not showing, you will be booted, but if you will be out of town or have personal situations arise, we are understanding. 1000 TROPHIES REQUIRED TO JOIN. Come help us protect the Nest.

We are currently at 19/30 members :+1:

The nest still has more room available to any and all looking for an active, but laid-back alliance :slight_smile:

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