Crowd-Sourced Hero Rankings

Firstly, let me say thank you to @Anchor and his alliance for the work they’ve done in creating a hero guide. I know I’ve used it in the past as have thousands of other players. This is in no way a criticism of their work.

I’ve noticed a lot of discussion about hero rankings lately and I thought having an alternative might be useful, especially if that alternative sourced its information in different way. I knew I couldn’t create a guide myself, since I only have access to a small pool of heroes, like most players. The solution, then, was to ask the player-base here to contribute to a crowd-sourced ranking system. This would not only help to make sure all heroes are represented, but would also allow for “consensus” rankings as an unlimited number of people could vote on each heroes. To that end, I’ve put together an “open” ranking system using Google Forms.

Each hero is listed below. Their name links to the analytics/responses page for that hero, which includes a breakdown of each ranking category by score. The second link is to the form itself so people can contribute.

For this first pass I’ve kept it simple:

  • Only 5 star heroes are included
  • Scoring is limited to three categories: Raid Attack, Raid Defense, and Titans
  • Contributors score the heroes in each category using a single number (1-5, higher being better)

If people want to use this tool, I’ll add 4 stars later, but I wanted to gauge the interest in having this as an alternative ranking system first.


Five Star Heroes
Hero & Responses Form Link
:fire: Fire
Ares Ares
Azlar Azlar
Captain Kestrel Captain Kestrel
Elena Elena
Gravemaker Gravemaker
Guardian Kong Guardian Kong
Khagan Khagan
Marjana Marjana
Mitsuko Mitsuko
Natalya Natalya
Queen of Hearts Queen of Hearts
Red Hood Red Hood
Santa Claus Santa Claus
Zimkitha Zimkitha
:snowflake: Ice
Aegir Aegir
Alasie Alasie
Alice Alice
Ariel Ariel
Athena Athena
Frida Frida
Isarnia Isarnia
King Arthur King Arthur
Magni Magni
Master Lepus Master Lepus
Misandra Misandra
Perseus Perseus
Richard Richard
Rumpelstiltskin Rumpelstiltskin
Thorne Thorne
:leaves: Nature
Alberich Alberich
Atomos Atomos
Elkanen Elkanen
Evelyn Evelyn
Gregorion Gregorion
The Hatter The Hatter
Horghall Horghall
Kadilen Kadilen
Lady Locke Lady Locke
Lianna Lianna
Morgan Le Fay Morgan Le Fay
Mother North Mother North
Tarlak Tarlak
Yunan Yunan
Zeline Zeline
:sun_with_face: Light
Delilah Delilah
Drake Fong Drake Fong
Guardian Owl Guardian Owl
Guinevere Guinevere
Inari Inari
:last_quarter_moon_with_face: Dark
Boss Wolf
Captain Sargasso
Guardian Panther

This does seem like a useful idea. One suggestion I would make would be to split the Raid Defense category into positions (wing, flank, and tank) since many heroes are only useful in specific slots.


That’s a good idea. WIll b interesting & fun 2 more times monitor

i gave my input.

I was thoughtful and hope others are too.

The only thing I dislike is that trolls may skew the stats.

What we SHOULD do is have an invite-only communal ranking that involves select members of the community. Those who exhibit reason and logic without too much knee-jerking.


It is fun and interesting, but i’m afraid not really effective as many of us are far to have all the heroes.
So i can value them on defence, but all the rest are pretty much “feelings”.

Neverless i will try to make my part and help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Right, not everyone has all of the heroes, but if a large enough group of people vote, then we’ll have data for at least most of the heroes. We can fill in the gaps for each other since everyone’s hero collection is different.


Awesome idea, will be sure to check it out this evening

Great idea and thanks for starting this! I’ll try to contribute this week with some data.

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Look @Razor guide for pvp guides and positioning. It’s very interactive and let’s you play with different formations.


I don’t get all the fuss with the hero guide. You agree with it or you don’t, so what. It’s a guide not a commandment. Why is this such an issue…


A crowd sourced active players lounge?

Pls do not respond as I am going hunting for a shark to jump

Great Idea - be interesting to see what people think!

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Lol and the select members are…

…7DD :joy:

Hopefully there are more rational people than trolls on average

Great idea @beave

I can see the risk of trolls, sure. Hopefully, though, since the data is shown as a breakdown in the form of a pie chart, it will be easier to spot that kind of behavior since it should mostly be outliers.

I would also hope that since the people using this message board are more invested in the game (in more ways than one in some cases…) than the average user, most would want to have this type of data and would respect it as such.

We’ll see.

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I’ve just put in ratings for Magni, Vivica, Quintus and Zimkitha

Was pleasantly surprised that two other people seem to be on the same page for Quintus lol

It seems that people can vote twice or more but hopefully people don’t unless they deliberately want to give 0.5 scores

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I’ve moved this to Player Guides.

So how many votes or whatever do heros need before the get ranks?

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The heroes are “ranked” by their scores in the three areas (Attack, Defense, Titans). You can compare them by clicking their names which link to the collected data for each. The list itself doesn’t sort by those scores, though.

Sorry if the title was confusing in that regard.

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I’ve contributed where I could based on only the 5* heroes I have currently maxed out. It’s nice to see I’m not too far off the range compared to other’s thoughts on how their rated.

Thanks again for setting this up. :slight_smile:


Ok all i saw from a quick glimpse was the buttons to provide rank votes or whatever it is you choose to call them. I didnt see where they stacked up against others but will look again.

Thanks for the response

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