Cross Patterns, Special Patterns, and Hidden Attacks

Just an idea and one which my wife would probably roll her eyes at but here goes. If the purple heroes are dark and the yellow are holy, shouldn’t there be extra damage or less damage awarded for the pattern of the runes sent up in attack? If a cross pattern of holy runes is sent shouldn’t it be like 2x against a dark enemy and maybe the reverse is true as well. When an upside down cross of dark is sent against a holy hero it does 2x as well. You could even go as far as making the opposite of each worth even less or zero damage.

Okay, I know this would be a coding nightmare because of all the possibilities and it really wouldn’t work, but it would still be pretty cool. There are some really neat patterns that happen during combos and it would be really cool if one of the patterns unlocked some sort of “Easter Egg” attack. Something hidden and unexpected. Maybe even a game to figure out what triggers the special attack. There could be all kinds of different ways to que up a special attack. Certain rune sequences, patterns, size of the board emptied in one move, etc. The devs could hide all sorts of unexpected surprises each month. Maybe it’s asking too much, maybe it’s a dumb idea, or maybe it’s just crazy enough to shake something up.

Whatever you think, it’s my $.02 idea. Also, yes I can hear your eyes rolling while you chuckleheads laugh about how silly it is. Peace out!


@ZayneVos That actually is a great idea. Even though it has niche use cases could spice things up in raids or titan hits.

Patterns in which you are able to trigger two 4/5 of a kinds might be something worth rewarding in terms of dmg or special effects for the team. Something along this line might find its application in season 2 for bringing fresh mechanics into the game and therefore keeps the players excited.

I like this idea! Feel free to pitch in your thoughts SG community!

I personally think light defeats the dark, every time! :grin:

Okay, you are aware of the color pattern BRG(B) YP, that works like so:

Red enemy

  • blue hits 2x dmg
  • green hits 1/2 dmg
  • all others hit 1x dmg

As for new patterns on the board, I’m intrigued. I personally am usually fighting Titans or on auto, so I don’t think of things like this. What patterns could there be? And what possible effects?

Circle = extra crit damage
X = all enemies lose half Health

I wonder if it would even be possible to set up patterns unless one was a master? Hmm…

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@Rook I did know the color combo damage patterns.

As far as the alternate pattern idea I think it would need to be based on what is possible from the developers end. Over complicating this game by excess coding is just an invitation for bugs. I just thought if it was possible it could add some extra flair and another level of strategy.

Certain patterns could skip an enemies turn, fill mana, empty mana, heal the party, create a minion, summon a special avatar, or even add another Alliance energy. I think the benefits could be all over the board, wow that was a pun.

I was surprised @Coppersky moved my idea here. I don’t think it is anywhere close to the same subject and now it is hidden from easy viewing. Not upset, you guys do a great job maintaining the forum, just surprised.

Feel free to add onto my ideas since they are pretty much just senseless ramblings…

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Sorry, I forgot to mention my pattern ideas were based on the same color, so having a 3x3 block of all the same color or maybe a cross or diamond. Something that already is triggered by a column or row moving but performs an additional function. It could include other colors but would need to already be a functioning score.

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Something easier might be:

Combo x5 (or more) generates random cool effect (list effects).

Not sure if that would be easier or harder to code…

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My apologies ZayneVos! I’m sure it made sense at the time, but you’re correct, it’s a different topic! :woman_facepalming: :slight_smile:

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