Cro Army full --- > we are looking for new members ,only active!

Looking for new members,active for titans and war… Trophy is not a
requirement ,we trying to put our little clan on new level

Me and a few friends have had an allaince for a few months now. We’re all very dedicated to the game and have become friends without ever meeting each other. We have our own chat outside the game chat, so we can share information faster. If you would consider a merger please get back to me. Cheers.

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Same here. We have some begginer, but we are qrowing slowly… Clan is : Cro Army full…

14 of us… We also comunicate with viber, and are active a lot. We are from Croatia, but all speak english…

Aru u coming with us? Or u chose something other

I think he was asking if you wanted to merge your alliances together :slight_smile:

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I know, but he dont replay…

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