Critique my 3 Star Team (for Pirate event)


As I understand it, the next monthly event is Pirates, and purple is the reflect color. I have assembled my 3 Star beginner team (which is the only place I think I can compete), and would like any input you all could offer.

1 - Bane
2 - Graymane / Gunnar
3 - Brienne
4 - Nashgar / Hawkmoon
5 - Gan Ju / Tyrum

Here’s the initial plan:
Go with Graymane and Nashgar on the initial levels for speed where I probably won’t need to heal and stay alive.
Work in Hawkmoon and/or Gunnar when it starts to get more difficult. (Brienne + Spirit Link is awesome BTW)
Use Tyrum only if I need the debuff power.

I also have Friar Tuck maxed out (don’t ask), but I can’t see needing him.
I have still at level one the following:
Belith, Berden, Carver
Ulmer, Karil
Prisca, Balthazar

I wish I had Kailani maxed instead of Gunnar since 2 yellows is the plan anyway, but I’ve had him a lot longer and I really need to work on WuKong with all my yellow feeders.
I’m nervous about only having Tyrum for debufing, and Belith is better anyway, so I may try to max her out in the next couple weeks.

So - any glaring holes in my plan? Any input, including criticism is welcome.


I like your plan. I try to level Belith in between other heroes as she heals + debuffs. If you can, level her.

Balthazar is awesome against non-purple shielded yellows, and in general. Not all your pirate enemies will be purple, so this might be a good one to have.

You can do this several ways: Strike fast Strike hard no mercy sir! Or shielded (Gunnar/Kailani) and healing (Belith/Hawkmoon). Or a mix of the two styles. Whatever works for you!


Nice thing about the early lvls of Beginner, they’re only 2 flags! So not much issue replaying them to test out your team! :grin:

And yes, I love Belith as a healer too. She’s a mini Melendor!


You definitely shouldn’t have a problem completing beginner with that team. If you’re trying to be very competitive, I would recommend a few changes:

1.) Level Ulmer and/or Valen rather than graymane or gunnar, since their defense debuff is great for improving large combos, especially in conjunction with Brienne.
2.) Get a 2nd bane. There are some levels in Pirates where you will want double yellow, and none of the other yellow 3*s measure up.

Additionally, you don’t need to worry about Tyrum for buff removal in pirates since none of the heroes provide a self or team buff. Nevertheless I would level Belith since she is one of two 3* healers, and her buff removal is much more useful for Guardians and Knights.


Thanks! I will take all of this into account. Not needing a debuffer right away is very valuable information.


You should complete it. Won’t be top 100 competitive though.


I’m late to the party here, but Boomer has holy defence buff which throws a spanner in the works as most people stack holy heroes for this event


Thanks Mantis! That’s valuable info.