Critical hits override strong/weak colors?

I just noticed that a critical hit was not following the strong/weak color scheme:

All weak tiles:
Hit 1: 27
Hit 2: 28
Hit 3: 128 (Critical)

Criticals are meant to be 2x dmg related to color, not 2x dmg related to normal dmg.

Am I missing something?

Something’s off here.

67+ hits with 15% crit chance (combined) and only 1(!) critical hit.

Not only that but look at the damage:

No way 2x56 equals 171 or thereabouts.


Same thing. Either it’s tripple/quadrupled on critical weak or it’s double on normalized. Or completely different math?

Critical hits add 100% damage to the hit, regardless of strong/weak colors. A weak hit will deal 50% damage base, +100% damage from the crit for a total of 150%. This effectively triples the damage you would normally get, as shown in all your images. The same logic applies to strong hits, where you will deal 300% damage - 200% base + 100% from the crit.


Well, that’s not “double damage” like it says on the card then?

I seriously don’t understand how everything in the game is wattered behind some vague texts that do not represent reality and we have to guess what’s what doing experiments.

Thanks for taking the time.

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It’s double damage for most hits but yeah, the tooltip isn’t helpful.