Critical chance confusing

As I understood it, increased critical chance is a tile thing. But the new hotms give an increase to their color allies. So it’s not a tile thing?

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It’s still a tile thing

Heroes don’t automatically have a crit chance

They have to have crit troops, a crit boost from a hero’s special skills, or the new elemental links


Thread on the same topic:

Short notes is that the Critical chance applies to the Troops of the specific hero (i.e. at the start when you assign troops to the hero, it applies to them). All tiles start with a 0% chance of critical damage and modifiers like Buffs, Family Bonuses & Troops stack.


Yes it is confusing.


It has always been a tile thing


If all troops are mana troops, crits don’t happen anymore? This is news to me. Crits only exist if using crit troop/crit modifier? I thought those were just boosts but crits can still happen without those boosts?

I was thinking the same thing. I thought crit troops increase crit % chance :thinking:

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You are kind of right. Say you are running a rainbow team and none of your heroes have crit troops, then there will never be any crit tile damage (unless one of your hero gets a crit node from emblems). Also, if you have a hero like Melia, Ares or Gregorion go off, in that case you will have chances for crit damage.

But it gets more complicated when colour stacking which is usually what everyone does. In that case suppose you took three red heroes and only one of them has a crit troop which, say gives 10% crit boost. In that case there is only 0.1 x 0.33 = 3.3% chance that a tile will do crit damage. This is because of the game mechanics which selects one of the 3 troops from the red heroes at random to be the representative red tile.

Heroes, by themselves have no crit damage.


Holy heck I’m very confused. This is totally groundbreaking information to me. I was under the impression that crits will happen at some kind of base rate but using crit troop or crit modifiers will increase the chance of it happening. But crits don’t exist UNLESS using crit troop/modifier??
So then it raises another question, is mana troop (which provides large attack stat increase) is really any better than crit troop which can seriously affect tile damage (via crit) plus the defense/HP they provide to heroes. Because mana troop do literally nothing until lvl23. They don’t help slow heroes at lvl17, not really. It still takes 4 matches of 3 to charge them. It still charges the same as an average hero. Mana troops are basically completely useless I just learned right now. Until lvl23 they’re total ■■■■■■■ garbage. Unless you have one of two “very fast heroes” which benefit from lvl11 mana troop.

Haha. Well that’s how it is my friend. But personally, I still prefer mana troops so that I can one day charge my average heroes with 3x 3 gem matches instead of 4, so that they charge up at the same time as my fast mana heroes. So my long term goal is to have at least one level 23 mana troop in each colour. Also, there are other advantages. First of all the increased attack stats reflects on the hero specials, so heroes do more damage with their specials as compared to with crit troops. Also, all the DoTs in the game like poison, burn etc are directly proportional to attack stat of hero, so mana troops give those DoTs a significant boost. So both troops have pros and cons, that’s why there is no wrong choice. It totally depends on what you want out of those troops and your play style. :slight_smile:


It really seems like crit troops are a better investment for most players. But SG is not very forthcoming with these types of important details. They do not care. Mana troops are very alluring but they don’t ■■■■■■■ do anything for the most part. If I could take back all the ham and troops I fed to these stupid lvl17 troops I could have some sick crit troops that actually DO SOMETHING

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True, crit troops are great, especially on defense. Because it makes your heroes much more sturdier, and also, the slash attacks from heroes with crit troops has chances of doing critical damage. :slight_smile:


Players have always been the #1 source of info

Which is how SG has wanted it since day 1 and the biggest reason we have this forum

To give the game that “hobby” feel


Also, check out this thread, where a defense team Thorne with Wu buff, hit a Seshat for 1000 slash attack damage. There I show the calculations on how it happened if you are interested. :slight_smile:


Surely that isn’t right…? I saw mention of it in that thread… but I dunno, didn’t seem authorative… I thought there would be a base of even 5% or something?? Hmm gonna do some testing on this myself :thinking: even if to see if it is non-zero :sweat_smile:

Slightly off topic… coming from Guild Wars 2, and the big thing with crits and having profession traits and weapon sigils proc various effects on crit, I was contemplating posting a suggestion thread on this idea… like chance to bleed on crit as an example…

EDIT: ahh I think I know why I assumed there was a base chance… I’d forgotten one of the 3-star troops has crit chance bonus lol and I know I use 3-star troops in 8-7 farming as I have them as my currently highest attack bonus troops, and I see crits while farming quite a lot

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Yeah Wu kong or ranvir are actually kinda cool on defense :joy:
Yeah sometimes the slash attacks will miss but when they hit it’s like a special hitting :joy:

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Two types of 3* have crit bonus
Two types of 3* have healing bonus
One type of 3* have crit and healing bonus
Zero type of 3* have mana bonus

(Troops summarized)


Mana troops are no longer useless at <level 23. With emblem and costume mana bonuses the breakpoint levels on attack can often be much lower for a lot of heroes including at level 11. Even when not at breakpoint levels there are advantages seen when mana modifiers are in play, for example if Tel’s special goes off and reduces mana gain. On defense mana troops also have a bigger part to play especially when cascades hit your defensive heroes (i.e. lower level mana increases which don’t reduce tiles in attack still reduce time to charge on defense)

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