Critical Bonus at 20?

For a 5*, is the 20 critical bonus node worth 250 emblems? Seems like a steep price for a 4% bump.


Personally I’ve never given a 5* ranger or rogue that last node and I probably never will. Due to increased emblem costs, imo it’s best to stop at 18 (or even sooner).

If we’re talking about A+ heroes of other classes then it’s a totally different story. I fully recommend spending the 250 for the attack bonus on Cobalt, 4% mana bonus on Krampus, and defense bonus on Ludwig.


I agree with you. The 5* in question is khagan. I probably will skip that last node. On the other hand, my costume lianna got her last node- she has 953 attack


Ah yes, Khagan may be the best example of how well SG can balance heroes when they do it right. Hits 3 super hard and in rush will definitely mess the enemy up. I hope you can get his costume if you don’t have it so the passive bonuses turn him into even more of a monster.

Lianna with costume is a great hero. Afaik crit doesn’t work on specials, only normal attack. So she will benefit on tiles when you use her on offense, and slash attacks when she’s on your defense. Personally I still wouldn’t, but if you use her a lot in raids, titans, war defense, etc, I can understand why.

Sometimes the difference between winning and losing can come down to the smallest advantages in your favor, and a well-timed critical can certainly turn things around.


In my honest opinion, if the hero is a 5* “A” grade hero and you use them significantly then it’s worth the +20.
Anything below that at 5* which you use significantly I would stop at +19.
For my 4*, I normally take the majority to +11 and stop
For my 3*, I only give them +1
Good luck


Appreciate all the comments and advice :slight_smile: :grinning:

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