Critical aces

wanna have fun?? want no drama?? come learn or send your new buddies that need to learn or just lay back and grow… get @Kingace1 and join us … open door and no required trophies

anyone can join. we are a new alliance not many members… the door is open plz come and check us out… if you want fun, you want no drama, we are your new home!!! come on in wipe your feet and have a seat !!! have fun and lets grow together… looking for Y-O-U__!!!

If you comment on your other recruitment post it bumps your thread to the top of the list. It’s better to just keep bumping up a single post instead of making a new one each time. Good luck recruiting.


Hi. According to forum rules, only one post per alliance is allowed for recruitment. So please keep bumping your original post if you are still looking for players. :slight_smile:

@zephyr1 merge please. :slight_smile:

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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thx I’ll try that … still learning lol… sry bout the second one was trying to figure things out … thank you

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I appreciate that… thanks.

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thanks everyone for checking us out… welcome to come by. check it out if you dont like it no worries

hey newbies… come on over … your welcome to grow and learn

hello peeps

… come on join us and see how it goes… bet you’ll like us

Closed per request of OP via flag.

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