Crit and Mana on Seshat or Alfrike

Hello, I have Seshat +19 and Alfrike +20. Both are part of my defence team (raid and war). Both are not tank. Seshat is left wing, Alfrike is right flank.

My question is who should get which troop. Mana on Alfrike sounds logical, but crit makes her far more durable and that is interesting too.

IMO, Seshat with more HP on her minnion is also great choice. So Crit troop Seshat and Mana troop Alfrike.

for seshat, both troops are equally good (more damage vs better defence and minions

for alfrike, mana is more important as it will reduce her speed from 13.5 tiles to 12 tiles with 23 mana troops (or 17 mana troops assuming you choose mana node for her) and it is a considerable improvement

Thanks! The question is for Defence team (war and raid), so I do not control tiles. To this day no one has been able to show a calculation how much faster the specials shoot in a

Defense team generates 1 tile worth per turn for each hero.

in addition, defence generates mana when you hit them with tiles (0.5 mana per tile hit) but this generation is reduced for every combo hit exponentially.

all the above is without mana bonuses (they need to ba taken into account)

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