💯 Crew-Saders is Re-Crew-Ting! Chaining 14* Titans and War Driven! Waitlist Open!

We’ll be looking for one warrior after war! Reach out to @SADERSpanda via Line at boeckc321 for consideration!


Bumpity bump to keep active… been pretty stable! Get on the wait list!


Saders will have 1 RARE spot after war! Top 100 for MT and AQ. Reach out if interested!


Rare opening for anyone looking to push for top 100 in AQ coming up… the time is NOW!

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Are we organised or organized?

Now since I’m British I say it’s organised and since I’m British that makes me right.

For more deep in-depth discussion about why all my American friends are wrong feel free to join us on our Epic quest for the Holy Top 100 in Clash of Knights.


Coming off another spectacular team effort in AQ in top 100 for alliances and looking for 2 new members wanting to know what working as a team feels like! No individuals here! Reach out!


Still need 2… love for you to come join us!

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Have some extended vacations coming up if you want to come check us out for a visit!

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Still time to get in before matchmaking! Line boeckc321 = @SADERSpanda

Looking for 1…

Make that 2… come on board!

Looking for one new teammate! Will also have an open spot for a temp after next war while one of our Italian friends enjoys a lovely 3 week holiday to the States! Reach out to inquire!

Just checking in… how’s everything going? Everything good? Here too! :blush:

Since replying on the forum rather than just in line is a shameful bump I did think “should I?”

Then I did anyway.

And that’s the crazy shenanigans we get up to in Saders. Get on the waitlist for more wild rollercoasters of wackiness.


Waitlist still open but added our family links to OP in case your interested in joining the Crew family sooner! We have a Crew for all levels! Check em out!

Discipline. Dedication. Teamwork.

Top 100 Alliance, Competitive ground for the highly motivated.

Check out Crew-Saders!

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Some of us are more what I’d call “slightly motivated” :joy:

But thanks for that awesome review!

We are actually pretty chill most of the time. We just have a super Teamwork oriented war strategy that works really well when you have like minded people with you.