💯 Crew-Saders is Re-Crew-Ting! Chaining 14* Titans and War Driven! Looking for 2

Crew-Saders is looking for a few awesome team players! We are a top 100 alliance with a focus on team play! Chaining 14* Titans and War Driven focus.
Line required.

Please contact for info or consideration:
@Math4lyfe via Line - Lafontaine4
@SADERSpanda via Line - boeckc321


@Math4lyfe just said the other day she wanted to see some fresh Deck pics… if you’re a team first player and not easily embarrassed, please oblige her! She won’t point and laugh I promise! Room for 2! :ghost:

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Looking for 2… you know you wanna…

Thanks for the tag!! Find me in Line if you’d like to chat :slight_smile:

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Looking for 1…

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C’mon over… the water’s fine!

Drive-by bumping… 20 chars


Are we still bumping this?


Always!! And thank you.

Looking for 1… Mythic is coming! :dragon:

Join us for war… stay for Mythic… usually Top 100 Alliance without going crazy with battle items!


20 characters of top100 mythic loot and no elvis

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Always never not be bumping!



Whoa. There are too many negatives in that statement. Lol

Contact me to chat!

Oh jolly pirates we,
that sail the deep blue sea,
to find our golden treasure,
Full sail! Ahoy! Yipppee!


Well. Didn’t realize the talented poet that we had on the team… nice. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Aaaand I’ll tell everyone in chat where that’s from now…

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Looking for 2!!

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