Crew-Rogues Recruiting - 1 Slot Open

sneaking around collecting loot or sneaking around in Taverns hoping they don’t get caugh. there is a report in the E&P newsletter that Taverns are finding empty Rum barrels and dirty glasses left behind…lol

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I saw great soup…lol…what’s the soup

why oh why did you bring the poor semi’s into this…unless of course you hijacked one and what was the loot inside…Who was the driver driving for…and how will this effect me…and there is nothing casual about a semi…I have seen Final Destination…you can’t fool me…lol

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bumpity bump from you neighbor STAR…
Happy war and may the boards forever be in your favor

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bumpity bump bump…
2 slots open
join the Rogues

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Chill for a minute and check out our reCREWment ad “Welcome to the Crew”

where the heck is the chili…or my chill drink
…been waiting for it forever…lol…while I wait for my food a drinks…join The Crew- Rogues

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is Birthday suit considered semi casual…asking for a friend

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Hello Crew-Rogues anyone there???..where the heck is the door knocker…lol

Are you full Rogues?

In case you need the bump… I’m here to bump you up

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