Crew-Rogues Recruiting - 1 Slot Open

Hello there! :dizzy: :dizzy:

We invite you to join us, be a part of our big family, under great leadership of @Bzzinator. :innocent: :joy: :smiley: :muscle: :sunglasses: :facepunch: latest news, hangaout, chat, academy, war-titan team advices.

Don't forget to contact Line ID: Bzzldy , m0rt3r

Only one slot is open.

Other Crew Family Alliances

These are the Re-Crew-tment forum threads; check each OP for the crew that fits you (the You-Crew :rofl:):


Just a friendly bump

Guys have been quiet lately :thinking::thinking::thinking: @Bzzinator

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Team is now full but always willing to add to waitlist

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A chill group of killers. Reach out to another Crew while on the Rogues waitlist. It’s a chance to get to know each other on Line, whatever that is eye roll

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worth the wait for sure!


Rogues how many spots you got?

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0 as far as i know, they typically stay full

Sorry… I might have accidentally let loose some of my personalities and like the Gremlins they might have sneaked in…if some Crew members feed them after midnight they might have been hiding to avoid detection so where unable to give comments…only one is missing…personality #55…has red spiky hair…loves donuts…and likes to dance on tables

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now that’s some funny stuff

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Great Crew, had the luxury of warring against them once. If they’ve got a spot, get in on it.

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Lol I’ll let ya know if he turns up, though he might fit right in with the rest of us so may be hard to find

That would be great…might be able to lure out with the jelly donuts…the favorite…also likes Michael Jackson to dance to…lol

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Hey @Rigs thx for the visit. Yes we are full right now.In addition dealing with 10-11* Titans

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That’s awesome! Always nice to have a full Crew!

Lol any particular mj song?

I’m going with Thriller

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Bumping up Crew threads. Do yourself a favor - join a Crew!
Be part of the best family of alliances in the game. Spots for all levels.


lol ya know…that makes total sense

And another war W this time correct?

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i believe so

will see if i can find confirmation…


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