Crew-Rogues: 6 spots available

I understand that. I pretty much just use discord have had bad experiences with other calling apps and stuff. So tend not to use them.
My game name is silentnightz818
If having the line is a requirement unfortunately I won’t be able to join.

We do have a player not on Line that we’ve made an exception as she had a similar experience with another app too. Im willing to make the exception for you too. We can try and make it work for you both too.

Sweet yeah I know it’s a pain I appreciate you being open to giving it a try. If you want to flick me an invite in game I’ll accept:) oh also I am in new Zealand

Ive just made a discord account added you as a friend

Sure I’ll send an invite to Silentnightz is your game name?

Ah awesome ah damn I just double checked discord name has been changed recently it now says silentnightznz

Lol ok ill change request…apply at Crew-Rogues ive left door open

Still open spots here! Let’s fill them!!!