Crew-Rogues: 5 spots available

Great group for those that would like to learn better the game or those that would like to play in a chill environment! :crossed_swords: :bow_and_arrow: :incoming_envelope:

We are still actively recruiting after two retired


Bzzi is waiting for you :grinning: Still open spots! :crossed_swords:

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glad to see some of the Crew-s still going, unfortunate about the flagship. hope the rest carry on

Welcome back Rigs! It was sad what happened to Saders but Crews keep going. Hopefully you will bring Saders glory back!

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Still open spots here! :crossed_swords: :bow_and_arrow: :incoming_envelope:

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still have spots here…

2 spots available here! Come alone or withyour friend! Bzzinator will welcome both of you! :crossed_swords: :incoming_envelope: :bow_and_arrow: :parasol_on_ground:

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Great group with a couple open spots :crossed_swords: :bow_and_arrow:

We are still looking for some active players that want to have some fun with us!

Hey hopefully this is what you were meaning to contact you on haha I’m not used to doing this.
So yeah me and my wife are looking for a team to join. We are fairly active we have kids so play in between sorting them out haha
We attack titans. Do ears most the time unless life gets to busy then we opt out for a bit
We do clan challenges and depends on the titan we can get 100k plus bit always in a single hit though my main team is 4962 but I have got a team over 5k aswell and my wife has 4800 plus team. We have both been playing for a few years now. And we’re both over level 50.

Sounds great Silent whats your line ID ill contact you

Sorry I know I sound sound so old what is line id?

Lol no you dont at all. Are you registered on Line app? Thats your user name

Do a search for Bzzldy

Make it easier we can work this out apply @ Crew-Rogues we will let you both in will need your player names

I am registered on here. My name is always the same haha silentnighyz818 on anything I play. I used to have the app for this forum but it seems to be gone now.

So do you have the app called Line?

Oh I understand now line is an app haha nah I don’t have that. We don’t use much social media for communication. I do have a discord though.
Or just silentnightz

Ahhh thats it! Yes I dont have discord any more use Line app as most of EnP use that as a communication resource. I was waiting at Crew-Rogues for you to apply