Crew-Raiders - Waiting List Open; 4400 TP, 13/14* Titans, Competitive Group

One spot now open, come fill us up!

Crew-Raiders is now full however our waiting list is open, please contact me in line if interested (david_kick).

Congrats in filling up all the member spots…hoping you don’t need the waiting list option…but always good to have

waiting list always good to have, please feel free to reach out.

Waiting list still open should anyone be interested

Glad to see the boats are full, may the loot be grand.

Unfortunately we lost one, need someone to fill up that last spot.

OK, we have moved beyond 12/13 star titans and can now proudly say we have reached the level of 13/14 star titans. Come join and fill up that last spot, help us make fourteen star titans fully a reality!!

Yes !!! We are waiting for you to take part in this amazing alliance :slight_smile:


Bumpity, bumpity, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump…


Still need one more person, please note Line app. is encouraged before deciding to join.

sad to hear that you lost a member but good news for the lucky one who now has a chance to join…So get a move on before the opportunity passes by

Saturday Night Fever bump

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Awesome alliance! And, they have the original Drakares :wink:

Full now :slight_smile: But waiting list open :smiley:

I’ve been on a waiting list for the asylum…but the padded rooms and electric shock therapy is all booked up…figures…when I want to have fun…everything gets full…anyway bumpity bump bump for the Crew-Raiders

We actually have an opening if you’re interested.

Aww how sweet of you to offer…would love to take you up on that… but already found my home…just being the friendly neighbor and bumping up the thread

Lol Sillystar you are funny,

Anyway we now have one spot availaible, but it won’t last long !!!

well I hope you fill the one spot soon
Hello Players…grab this opportunity now before it’s too late

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