Crew-Raiders - Two Spots Open; 4600 TP, 14* Titans, Competitive Group

One spot now open, come fill us up

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We will have two spots available after war, contact david_kick in Line.

Saturday evening bump

Sunday bump me hearties!

With fresh poster!!

Monday afternoon bump.

Midweek bump, come join Raiders.

Still in need of two, contact david_kick in line and come join after war.

Sunday morning bump, join us after war.

Still looking for folks to join, contact david_kick in line.

Monday afternoon bump, contact david_kick in Line.

Thursday morning bump, contact david_kick in Line.

Monday afternoon delight, come join Raiders.

Still need two more, contact david_kick in Line.

C’mon guys, they got BigSplendidTits over in here. Everybody loves some big splendid t1tz.

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We are having two more folks leave due to real life issues so we are in need of four, please contact david_kick in Line, we can really use heavy hitters with high troop levels.

Still need new blood, contact david_kick in Line.

Thursday lunch time bump, come join Raiders today!

Monday morning bump, still need two

Thursday morning bump, contact david_kick in Line.

Spots still open, contact us after war.

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