Crew-Raiders - Two Spots Open; 4600 TP, 14* Titans, Competitive Group

Monday morning bump, join Raiders

Tuesday morning bump, still need one.

One spot open after this war, come over to Raiders.

One spot open, contact david_kick in Line.

Had a member unfortunately leave due to RL issues, contact david_kick in Line if interested in joining.

Friday morning bump, come check us out after this weekends war, or before, whatever floats your boat.

War is over, come check us out if you need a change. Contact David_kick in Line.

These guys are still well a float with a little extra rowing power needed

Such a great team!! Solid leadership.

Waiting list now open

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One spot opening after war, contact david_kick in Line.

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Bumped before the weekend, still need one in Raiders

Unfortunately we had two more people leave our alliance due to real life issues, three spots are now open. Please contact david_kick in Line if interested.

Still need three, contact david_kick in Line.

Monday morning bump, join Raiders

In need of two after mystic Titan, contact david_kick in Line.

We are top 100 when full, please contact david_kick in Line if interested.

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Such a great group of players! Highly recommended… and yes, I may be biased.

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Bump for Thursday afternoon, join Raiders.

Friday morning bump, come party with us over the weekend.

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