Crew-Raiders - One Spot Open; 4600 TP, 14* Titans, Competitive Group

Someone big come fit in with these bullies. Help them stay top 100, need another crew war. Raiders vs. Saders sounds like a good time.

Midnight bump, join Raiders.

Still need one after war to put us back into the top 100 spot. Contact david_kick in Line.

Still room for one, come check us out.

If you’re looking for a fun group, Crew-Raiders get the Chodaboy Seal of Approval.

We had a war chat with them a couple weeks ago and everyone was great and really friendly. Next time we won’t let them win, though.

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Raiders is awesome and they’re always full…so jump on the wait list!!

Here to let you know that the Crew Family are awesome individuals…Friendly…warped sense of humor and they have loads of Bacon

One spot available after this weekends war, contact me at david_kick if interested.

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