Crew-Raiders - One Spot Open; 4600 TP, 14* Titans, Competitive Group

Take a minute and Check out our reCREWment ad “Welcome to the Crew”

Crew Raiders… pirates of the sea and land…attacking the rich and giving to the poor which happens to be them … What this is no Robin Hood story

nice…to the Ships you Scallywags…

Friday bump before the long weekend.

Another bump before war starts…happy hunting Crew-Raiders

Hope won your war
bumpity bump bump bump

Hey Crew-Raiders …you’re slacking so hopefully your whacking something…Bump bump bump

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Do you still need one over here?

CREW-RAIDERS has a big tray of bacon to the one that enters the door first…Hurry up while you still have a chance

Sorry, have been slacking on the post. Waiting list now open.

Raiders now has room, contact David_kick in Line if interested.

What the ever lovin’ hell is that crap?!?!?!?!?!? FIX THIS, please

We’ve had one member leave to take a break from the game, we are a top 100/200 alliance, come check us out.

Its Saturday and while The Crew-Saders are taking a break to ship on the open seas finding new adventures because they are in a midst of a battle…you know leisurely stuff. Here’s your chance to join before they set off…
Crew-Saders where adventures await you

Last spot filled this morning, waiting list back open. Top 100 alliance after last rare titan kill.

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Waiting list…just goes to show grab the available spot(s) quickly or you lose out

One spot opening up after war, come join Raiders.

Your sails don’t scare me… I’m protected … I have my delusions and your sail is now a purple Unicorn sliding down a rainbow so there…lol
Join the Crew-Raiders and sail the open seas

Friday afternoon bump for the weekend, still one spot available. Please contact me in Line at david_kick

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