Crew-Raiders - One Spot Open; 4600 TP, 14* Titans, Competitive Group

Heya @Gloatfish Please contact david_kick line id if you’re interested! Nice to meet you!

Or say hello to me! My line id is herrkayser

I’ll see you in recruitment chat! Hopefully!


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We still have spots open, please contact me in Line if interestesd.

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Friday morning bump, join Raiders

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This is a shame for sure, maybe a sham I don’t know but you should come aboard with the rest of the raiding party

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Calling all raiders fans or Marcus Mariota fans or just anyone that like raiders hahaha start raiding and check out the crew families!!

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sham as in bedding set , sham pillowcases or sham short for shamrock and does a rock sham or a sham rock. does it play the drums or guitar…confused or is it a con who fused ???
bumpity bump

Sunday morning bump, come check us out after war.

Monday afternoon bump, still room for more.

Tuesday bump, join crew

Hump day bump, look for us after war.

Fly by bumping cuz… Why not? :kiss:

passing through and handing out :beer: and :chocolate_bar:
so why not bump up the thread

Thank you for the poster Sillystar, you’re the best!

We are full once again so waiting list is now open.

Yeah all full… just put the extras in the pit…
side note* Don’t forget to throw food in the pit everyday…otherwise…Nope you’ll find out…lol

So how does a Raider raid if there are no raids to raid…especially when the Ship is full?
This is an question that has no meaning…lol

So It’s Sunday afternoon… not to be confused with a Sundae…with its Ice Cream and chocolatey syrup with a sprinkle of nits and a cherry on top…nor to be confused that it’s a Sunny day…because no sunshine here folks…got grey clouds and cold weather…the sun has ran away… I mean the day of the week. The day where you trying to find excuses not go to work and wish the weekend was longer… wait I’m so lost now so Bump

One spot opening after Titan, come check us out.

Spots don’t last long in this place!!! I never been a member of the crew but greatly admired their longevity and teamwork!

Midday bump, join Raiders in time for next war

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