Crew-Raiders - One Spot Open; 4500 TP, 14* Titans, Competitive Group

Spots are here, come and get em

nightly bump before I go to bed…good luck in war

Thursday morning bump

Ready for the weekend bump

Midnight bump, join Crew

so how war the weekday War
…or the very rare tie

Saturday morning bump

We would also be open to merging with a smaller alliance of seven (arrangements could be made on our end). Please reach out in Line (david_kick).

Saturday evening bump

Lazy Sunday bump, looking for individuals or a small group looking to merge.

It would be a shame if you pass on the Crew family…give them a chance

The Crew family…awesome and fun

Two spots filled, one coming after Weds war. Come join him and be a part of Crew.

Awesome sauce…Get them players Raiders

Three spots open order willing discuss a merger with a smaller team of up to six.

Humpday morning bump

Expecting two to join us today, still have room for more.

Like Jello…there’s always room for more…
join the Crew-Raiders while you still have a chance

Still two spots open, check is out after war.

still trying to fathom how you still have spots available

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