Crew-Raiders - 2 Spots Open; 4400 TP, 12/13* Titans

Night time bump, see you in AM


The kids with their photoshop and artistic abilities may be special … but they’ll never be MS paint pirate sand castle kind of special …


now that its fall and already experiencing the cold weather makes me want it to be Spring already…lol

Johan, if you happen to see this message, try joining again. Anyone else with 4400 TP or higher can join too.

Still looking for a few new members.

Get it done Raiders. Get these fine looters an agressive friend

I’m in if we can raid for chocolate which is a best friend to a fabulous STAR

Taking back to the top

another bump to bump the bump that was helping another bump

Good luck in War…may the powers that be let your strikes be swift and true and the boards forever in your favor

Come join us after war.

The parlor looks more vicious and scarier then the pirate…can I have the parrot…lol

Still in need of fine folks to join our Crew

fine folks will not fit your Crew…you need cutthroat,back stabbing,spit in your face individuals with a great personality
that or do what you are supposed to do raid another ship and take new victims… I mean new members

Doors is open, bring a friend

Crew-Raiders should know better then leaving a door open…this is how things get taken at least make the individuals work for it and take the hinges off the door first…lol…bump

Noon time bump, have lunch and join Crew.

what’s on the lunch menu today…another bump

One joined yesterday, still room for three

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