Crew-Rabid Wardogz is Recruiting! - 4 Spots Open - 7/8* Titans

all is well because I am there…without the Star there would just be just lifeless bodies walking around the Shops…lol

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Today is the day. A war win for Rabid Wardogz today, graduates 4 members to our beloved Sapphires. This leads to 4 openings. Who wants to come and see how it happens? That’s right. 4 openings to come and improve yourself. Fill them quickly.

6 spots available!. We are semi aggressive training alliance with access to top 10 alliance players to help you develop!

Stop by and check us out!


Y’all want to learn??? Get in here!!! Need to flush a roster for larger, get in here…just had 4 graduate to higher levels… proof positive right there that we DO, grow from within. Great leadership and experience…

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pretty awesome watchin players progress in this group

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And 20x more bumps

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bump bump bump…
it’s almost time for Halloween…time to get the costumes out

I got friends in low places…how the song goes…so how about a bump up

The family that Holloweens together …stays together

What’s yellow and shines bright?
a STAR of course
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so I’m bored…obviously as this is another bump

And another friendly bump from us! Hope you all are having a good weekend!

I will add another bump from the friends of the Crew family

7 spots open in a great “Crew” family alliance.
All war flags used. Hitting 9* Titans.
Fun and friendly alliance part of the Crew family. Join us today to develop with some players in Top10 alliances Global!


Fate is where one goes with the flow or make your own…the Crew family have decided to make theirs. Great people with a great attitude to help you grow and learn along the way.

bumping you guys up…good luck in war tomorrow

Good luck in War…Crew Wardogz

Any news about your WAR…win or was it a lost?

I got a nice juicy steak for the Crew Wardogz if they won the War or a nice doggy biscuit in case it was a loss

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Well, we did lose a couple of wars so some doggy biscuits please; however we won “bigly” overnight so can we have a steak too?

We won by ~1000 points so worked up a big appetite :rofl:

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