Crew Knights Wants Your Mom

Crew Knights is currently full however if you are an active FUN team player who scores 1000/1000 on crews unique patent pending Sassometer ™ with a truly strong team and did I mention active…we may be willing to consider shuffing members around for you.

Would require at this current moment:

2400+ cups
4200+ team power
10 or more 5* fully ascended
30+ 4 and 5* ascended for war
Uses items for titans when we need to push aka team player

The ability to give me a cool nickname on command.

5 or more sarcastic comments a day minimum or one (1) fancy cat meme.

We busting up 12* titans and winning wars about 90% of the time. Current highest titan is rare 13* beaten.

Reqs will open up a bit when we have free space.


Ok we are reopened fot selective recruitment. 4100 team power 2400 cups ACTIVE TEAM PLAYERS.

Our team is awesome and we need 2 or 3 more like minded people.

2 slots open for the right player hit me up on line @kaosonboard

Looking for 2 players who get thier titan hits in early and often, are team players in war, and want to be part of a great group.

If you match these requirements I will be flexible on team power depending on your deck and intellect.

Pm me on line @ kaosonboard

Do you: give a bleep?

Do you: enjoy the social aspect of gaming?

Do you: want to play with other people who give a bleep and enjoy the social aspects of gaming?

Come join our alliance Crew-Hit the Effing tita…I mean Crew-Knights!

4000tp 2400cup average. If you are someone with a high upside whos rapidly growing we will accept lower stats.

Still looking for people

We still need 1 great person to fill! Must be able to sing their national anthem backwards. Not just the song itself but each word.

Or, you know, enjoy playing the game while being drama-less. That works too.

Looking for people who know what they are doing and want to fight with other people who know what they are doing whee.

Good applicants will know the im a lumberjack song in its entirety.

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Looking for players! Must be able to put up with how much Rigs smells.

We COULD have 1 more spot but again the applicant must be an asset to the team. 4200ish defense team power, rocking 2400+ cups most days, active on titans and in war.

We are full. For the right strong player looking for a forever home with fellow low drama high activity players we can make space.

Looking for 1-2 good players with 4k+tp 30+ leveled 4s and 5s and a willingness to play at a top 100 level for a top 200 team

Looking for 2 people willing to dress as baby otters for our Furry Friday photo event. Proceeds are given directly to guardians reborn for @Kayo 's electroshock diaper aversion therapy.


Ok. Now on the mom thing.

Heres the deal. If you (and thats the global you, kayo can keep his mom) do not join Knights, I am recruiting all your moms.

She will then nag you for me about how you never call, write, give her grandchildren, or play E&P with her. Its win win. Not so much for you but for me.

So, I say lets skip the step where I teach your mom how to play something other than candy crush and you just join yourself.

Unless your mom is a bad ■■■ with a 4200tp account in which case I am in fact still recruiting your mom.

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We are pretty awesome so when your mom stops doing whatever she normally does, be it skeet shooting, paragliding, baking, or thrash metal to use her flags, dont say I didnt warn you up front.

This is now crew - starbucks and we are giving out free pumpkin spice lates to anyone who is highly active! Ignore the bear traps on the floor they are part of our rustic charm

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Anyway. I have successfully recruited 3 moms via fake sales at neiman markus and bed bath and beyond and a liberal dose of chloroform.

One of them is your mom, and she is helping us kill 12 and 13* titans while asking us if we know why you wont just go out with that nice child of her friend Gladys. Also whoever your with she says isnt good enough for you.

Also she made me clean my room and asked about my life choices. Please join so we can release he back into the wild…


Please join NOW so we can kick your dear, sweet, nagging, bat-doodoo crazy mom. And thank you, @Unicef for giving Knights a ray of hope in getting rid of her. Did I say craaaaazy? :beer:


Playing E&P with your mom has been pretty fun but now she wants me to sip riesling with her and join her book club (romantic historical fiction only). Not cool. Please help us kick her out before the pot luck dinner invite comes.


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