Crew-Knights is looking for Strong, Goal Oriented, Players

Greetings, I am Unicef, recruiter for only Crew-Knights.

See that Mods? I ONLY handle Crew-Knights . Shoo with your pesky peskyness. o.O

Crew-Knights is shooting for top 100 and wants players who understand what it takes to make that number.

Must have

2200 cups
A strong deck capable of hammering a penny nail into a tree stump.

The ability to coordinate with your peers

The ability to be understanding and patient with each other as we grow towards this goal

The ability to keep effing having fun while we ramp up our play, work our strats, and kick ■■■ all the way from here to…well I have no clue where here is so…over there.

Pop on Line and lets chat id:kaosonboard



We are full


Just 1 question. Did you mean effing having fun or effing and having fun?

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Either way gets the job done :wink:


In a week or 2 Knights, a fantabulishous alliance of chill hard hitting power monsters and my loser self, will have a single spot open.

Pm me here or in line at kaosonboard to interview. Must have a strong war and titsn deck and an excellent grasp of game theory.

Being able to make fun of me a bonus.


You heard it above. Im seeking strong war ti ts.



After this war we will have ONE slot for a player looking for a good team. Pm me for details

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We are once again full ty everyone for your interest.

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Hey @pituka, saw you asking around about Alliances on another thread.

The Crew family has openings throughput. If you’d like to talk, message me on Line at WhenWeCollide.


Knights is now accepting “spot reservation” applications. We will pre approve 3 people to join our team. If you need a home now we can get you into another crew for a bit

New members must:

1: believe in jingles, a naughty elf from the south pole who steals underpants and sells them on Ebay

2: Be at 2200+ cups

3: Be able to sing the teme song of any random show off key to Rigs in our Required Line Chat. Childrens shows a plus

4: Be willing to make and use items on our 11 and 12* Titans. Nunchucks, Coissants, hand trained angry killer groundhogs, dont care what your secret weapon is as long as these suckers go down.

5: be ready and willing to follow war strategies do we can keep our string of 6000 point wins alive on our march from top 400 to top 100.

6: generally give a bleep about the team, being a good, drama free member while having fun and getting bleep done.

Thats what we need. Are you our man, woman, or unicorn?

Pm me here or drop me a line. ID: Kaosonboard

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Reservations are full. I will take on one more reservation but…you need to fight rigs in a naked jello match for it.


Is @Rigs aware of this bleep?


Lol who doesnt like jello?

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Of course he does. Rigs dog is the bookmaker for the match


Join a team.with a proven war record :slight_smile:

Reserve your spot in knights while playing inside the crew system :slight_smile:


Today we shall discuss fairies.

Fairies are little sparkly turd machines that keep flying over my car and glitter bombing it with thier “dust”…



Thats Pigeons . Today we are going to discuss pigeons.

Oh also we got 1 reserve slot to fill for someone who would like to joon (screw it this is an awesome typo
lets leave it) crew. Jooning crew is when you walk up to our recruitment staff, drop into the power dump Joon pose, and pretend you are a fairy spreading your “dust” all over our nice marble floors so hard it ricochets hitting Garawyn in the eye therebye blinding him.

Note to self…joon is probably also a pigeon…


Still one slot for a chill killer on the reserve list however we are only accepting left handed albino pianists today.

Note there are tons of open slots in our other crew affiliates


Argh so close. I’m a left handed albino keyboardist.

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Dammit! This is what always happens :frowning: ah well apply anyway I guess

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To the top!

We currently have ONE open spot, which is a rarity!

Jump in while you can!

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