Crew-Knights has an opening

We officially have an opening at Crew-Knights. Not that kind of opening. Get your mind out of the guttter, it’s only Monday.

We are currently filling 3 spots so bring a friend or two with you. Or a frenemy. Or Santa, unless you beat his ■■■ in the Challenge already and he’s beefing with you.

What we’re looking for:

  • 4200+ tp
  • active & full flag use
  • 10+ 5*, full set of war teams
  • Line account (it’s very easy to set up)
  • mommy or daddy or mother-in-law issues that you can use as motivation to smash titans
  • a healthy fear of clowns

What you get:

  • Great leadership
  • Filthy loot
  • heavy hitters who use all their flags
  • a 5-minute petting session with my cat (which just turns into a 2-minute scratching session from my cat)
  • fear and respect from your peers
  • Crew-family chat lines for advice and news
  • @Unicef will promise to stop calling your mom (but really he’ll just switch to texting)

Currently rocking 12-13* titans and a killer war record. Reach me on Line at jaws_3d if you’d like to chat.


We are filled up! Thanks @Rigs. Welcome to the new recruits and sayonara to the next titan :axe:


Np, look forward to seein u guys in the top!


One spot has just become available at Crew-Knights, come get it while it’s hot! :fire: :fire:

Edit: we are full again, thank you for your interest everybody!


We have a new spot for the taking at Crew-Knights.

One of our Knights is kicking up his feet on Easy Street for a while, because sometimes titan smashing can wear you out a little. Especially if you name them before you smash them. Or if the titan starts crying while you’re in the middle of a 100k whopper of a hit and you want to stop but you know you can’t.

But at the end of the day, you know the titan will identify with it’s smasher and actually come to love you for it, so do it for the titan. Just finished off a 12* yellow hydra, next one spawns this evening. Come get some :muscle:

Line ID: jaws_3d

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Hey @Ataraxia, not sure if this is you but if you’re looking for a great home feel free to try us out for a bit:


@321Trotter I’m lookin at you too!

Line: jaws_3d

Make yourself some new resolutions for 2020:

  • Smash bigger titans

  • Collect better loot

  • Finally tell off that old lady across the street who is always staring in your windows

  • Treat your War opponents to a one-way trip to Beatdown Town

  • Seduce your post office delivery person (now that the old lady isn’t watching anymore)

  • Put pepper in your co-worker’s coffee each day and see how long it takes them to notice

  • Get the most out of your flags (and time)

Joining Crew-Knights won’t accomplish all those resolutions but we can probably get you most of the way and have Crew-family chat lines for the rest!


You are cordially invited to the Friday Night (Har)Poon Party at Crew-Knights. All we need is you to make it a delightful “ménage à trente”. Putting the final smackdown on a 13* yellow hydra.

This group is stocked full of titan tanglers, over achievers, beatdown artists, challenge contenders, and just plain ol’ bad***es. Now is definitely the time to get in, don’t miss your opportunity.

Hit me up on Line (jaws_3d) and let’s make some magic.

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