Crew❤️KNIGHTS > 10 spots open; Killing 12* titans > off-game bot available for titan and war hours > can you do 100k damage daily on any killed titan? - line id: boolz_san >>> Join a helping KNIGHTS Family, for all alliances!

Whoho!!! Super Boolz!!!
Go as high as you can!!!

#27 in raid tourney
 back on 5.72m hp 14*
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We have many spots open I really am trying to keep this alliance but if no luck -Silent Killa- and evil Lynn will Be searching for a new home


What happened?:face_with_head_bandage: You were just at zero, not too long ago.


Boolz , wish u find the team that have same point of view with u, to join and to gain the goal together!
strong and determine , is what Im thinking about u and the person that will suit to join.
So good luck!


thanks @Lagun :slight_smile:

the team is :v: Crew❤️KNIGHTS (aint going anywhere) and sooner or later the team will be complete with people that will join (not the other way around) KNIGHTS!

good luck to you too! take care!


Took a look at your crew. Have you ever considered lowering your cups needed to join? Games a marathon, no sprint, why not raise some dedicated lower levels, it’s fun to teach new ones and you seem to be into the game. Just copy the basics, I didn’t do that in the beginning of our current alliance over a year ago and it was exhausting to type everything again and again for new ones :smile: 1/3 of my mates are pure cleaners, but they rise fast with Titan loot and in war we found our way although being underdogs 90% of the time. Took me nearly 2 years to get to the point where we have around 20 daily players, some only show up for war or opt out, works for us. We had a great merge a year ago and a bad one later, but patience and good old dr. Greenthumb helped a lot to get where we are now :wink:

first we should talk; through line :slight_smile:


No Line here, but you’re always welcome on discord. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, that was an old one :smile:

Im no pro on that, thankfully have one for that stuff :smile:

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@Boolz_San_CK is one of the best F2P players in the game. Grab a spot at Knights you won’t be disappointed!!


Just noticed you have awesome avatar purple :rofl:
Back to Topic,
Wish u luck to find suit member Boolz!!!
Determine leader for serious player.


And I just noticed a spelling error @Purpeyes . Want your name fixed or is this intentional? And see you in war in another 3 weeks - seems to be the rotation with y’all.


All good thanks @littleKAF this matches my Line id. See you all again in few weeks.

Also to keep on topic, go Knights :crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords:



  can be a achieved as a f2p in ...
titan bot added in line chat
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this is one of the best alliances I’ve ever been a part of, the organization is simple and clear, it is played in a serious and pleasant way without drama.
I only left because some old friends from my country convinced me to join one of their projects, but I recommend everyone who is looking for a serious alliance to take a tour here! Buona fortuna CK! :heart:


Too many rules for me, looking for an alliance but not this one. I think I m reasonably intelligent ,but, could someone please explain stackable to me. Legos,chairs, pallets are stackable, what the %^&*$@ are these people talking abouts?

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I recently joined this alliance. I can tell you I have learned more in the last month than in the last 1.5 yrs. fantastic knowledgeable group that always helps and provides support. If you are looking for a strong group and ability to improve, Crew Knights should be your new home!


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