Crew-Jesters! Ticket line starts at the left entrance

1 spot is already open. Let’s sum up. Crew-Jesters is a top 200 alliance, hitting 14* titans, competitive at war and events, having a lot of fun and knowledge. If you are looking for a new home these are our requirements. We will be happy to hear from you! :black_joker: :wink: :crossed_swords:


Sweeet ad guys. Peeps join the jesters… I hear ched and Iago provide “entertainment” :crazy_face:


We soon will, unfortunately, see our longest tenured Clown retire do to RL. One spot coming soon. Please purchase your tickets early.

Bump- Let’s Go!! Crew-Jesters! Top 200 flexible war strat knowledgeable and fun group. Come join the circus, win wars and kill a string of 14* titans!


Other spots in the family as well…look up
“Crew-” in alliances to see where you might fit or hit me up here or in line… Iagotheahole and see where you fit

I’ve stopped off with these guys for a bit. Great highly compretitive group that are about having a good time more than anything else. Highly recommended if you want to be close-to-the-top without any of the pressures


Things we don’t do:

Pressure anyone to spend

Things we do:

Chain 14* with no issues
Have a laugh
Help each other

We have a really cool mix of peeps and we are very global so our strategy is solid but also really flexible. You won’t be told what to do as we trust you know your teams and strengths. If you want help though 100% we can do that. There’s a tonne of experience in our War chat.

We also have a specialist Event page in line and if you want to get better at them it will 100% help. I learnt all I know from it.

So there you go. Why wouldn’t you want to join the Jesters?

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Real life hit us hard lately but we will kick our bad luck! Searching for 1!


It’s always nice fighting next to your forum hero.

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Still searching for 1!!! :scream_cat: Don’t miss that rare chance to join Crew-Jesters!!! :black_joker: :four_leaf_clover:

Join us for yumi recipes from Math - teacher!!

Come for the mega Bloody Mary’s.

Stay for the (Grimble) laughs.

1 spot is waiting for the right person to deal with jesters! Don’t be late to the party! (Some already drinking :beer: :cocktail:)

is the room still free?

Howdy! We are currently full, but you never know when a space might open up.

Would you like to join the wait list? Feel free to reach out if you do.


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I lied! One spot just freed up. :rofl:

Feel free to hit up any of the contacts in the OP or me in Line. My user is Math-Teacher.

i’m still pretending to work, i’ll send you a message later, ty

Ha! You fit in great already.

Crew-Jesters is a top 200 alliance, hitting 14* titans and being competitive in every aspect of the game. We have knowledgeable players and we like to progress having fun with the game and each other. We have drama free environment which is perfect for every player. If you are in the same boat with us don’t forget to send us a message. The last spot is waiting for the best fit. :four_leaf_clover: We will be glad hearing from you! :grinning: :black_joker: