Crew-Jesters! 12/13*, FULL, WAIT LIST OPEN

bumpity bump…Hey Crew-Jesters

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Such a wonderful and chilly Sunday afternoon for a bump up

A wait list for the Crew-Jesters is like waiting in line at a fun house…not knowing what will be inside but excited at the same time

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Tuesday night here and it’s raining…that kind of rain that sounds nice but actually cold…well because it’s winter…the kind you just want to sit by a warm fire and get on that waiting list with the Crew-Jesters…a great group of people who like others achieve their potential.

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0 open 1 on wait list.

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come one and come all and get on that waiting list…it just may lead to great things

bumpity bump for the Crew-Jesters…get on the list while you can

I don’t want to blow our own trumpets but we are pretty cool.

Why wouldn’t you want to be a Jester??

I want to see you blow your own trumpets and whatever other instruments…maybe toot your own horn…or string your guitar…Jesters are multi-talented afterall…lol

Just a Friday bumpity bump from everyone’s favorite STAR

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