Crew-Jesters! 12/13*, All straight jackets are taken. Sizing line starts to the left

This should have the waitlist filling up, obviously.

I wish I was looking for an Family to play withā€¦this bacon waffle looks goodā€¦lol love how there is half a muffin and maybe a spoonful of potatoes on the sideā€¦can I still get my plate

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being on the waiting list if you want to join a great group of individualsā€¦if I didnā€™t already find my family I would be tempted to join the Crew family


Thursday morning bump, no. 5

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evening bumpā€¦would have done it earlier but was in an area that still believes in the stone ageā€¦Fred Flinstone must have had powerful legs to drive the stone carā€¦the effort I took to get back

A Saturday bump from the neighbors

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Love this guy


oooh love this posterā€¦wish I had the outfit though

Today is Monday the start of the work weekā€¦wishing for a hump day bit all you get is a bump

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2yrs same Crew, true loyalty and dedication right there


Good luck in Warā€¦this is your nightly bump

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Thanks for being awesome.


baconā€¦bacon baconā€¦gotta love me some baconā€¦
oh wait how was the weekday War

I think this about sums it up:


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YMCA music in the background ā€¦ I can dig itā€¦lol

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Hope you had a War win.

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Yes, a good win for us!

Many members also filled their war chest with that win. Lots of 4* ascension mats and 100 emblems

holy moly pudding n pie thatā€™s nice war chestsā€¦can I steal some of those emblemsā€¦please with a cherry on topā€¦lol

Sure. We all have plenty to spare. :rofl:

Yesā€¦you heard it hereā€¦The Crew family is generous and willing to share their loot
They also share their knowledge
Join the Crew-Jesters

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