Crew-Family is Recruiting!


Well the Crew-Family has some open spots, below are the team names, the reqs, and the titan levels for each one

Age 18+ for all Crews

9 & 10* titans, 3400 tp , 2,000 cups Line required 100% participation required in titans and wars
Contact @StaceyTurner77

9 & 10* titans 3200 tp requirement, plus some war ready heros Line required. 100% participation required in titans, war optional but participation is preferred. At least 4 war ready teams
Contact @JadeMyst

fighting 7* titans, no cup reqs Line required, casual alliance war optional
Contact @gregschen

8* titans, no cup reqs, Line required for daily communication, war participation preferred but optional
Contact @Bzzinator

And of course you can always contact @Rigs for any questions as well, either in this forum or through line, my id is jrigs

:fire: CREW is recruiting > Knights(OPEN)/ Raiders(FULL)/ Rogues(OPEN)/ Squires(OPEN) recruit link in POST_3; Wanna join us? CREW-SADERS is FULL, but WAITING-LIST is OPEN!
Looking for a new alliance!
Husband/Wife team have found an active & easy-going clan
Possibly looking for new alliance - 3 players

I can only qualify for the Squires side. :blush:


Whenever wherever you want, more than welcome!!


Bur pretty sure you’d be Saders material lol


Sorry man, it’s just a convenience and informational thing.


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Still got spots open


We’re still looking for members in Crew-Squires.

We try to keep a relaxed atmosphere, but do ask that everyone attack the titans, and either participate completely in wars or opt out in advance. With a few more members, we hope to achieve great things.

Contact @gregschen in Line for more information.


I help to BUMP! :wink:


Sooo i gotta bump this up, if you’re looking for an alliance we have a spot for ya. Hanging in Crew-Knights right now killing a 10* with 21 people along with winning current war, if anyone is interested my line id is jrigs

Crew-Rogues also has spots


The Crew-Family is really awesome. If nothing else, the conversations will keep you entertained. One of the best parts is that we can all sit in different alliances and still communicate through Line. So if you join one alliance and then move to a different one in the family, you won’t feel like you’re starting over.

Check it out, you won’t regret it!


Thanks @CorpseTiller

We’re pretty happy you joined and looking forward to getting more players like you


Spots are open

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