Crew-Barons has one spot open - 14* Titans

2200 cups
4600 defense
Level 50+
10 maxed 5 s and 30+ maxed 4 /5* 3.70
100k soft target on titans

Currently we are taking on 14* titans (with an occasional skip to recharge). We are looking for active players who will use all war flags when opted in and use all of your the titan flags. Friendly atmosphere with plenty of resources to help you grow. Line is strongly recommended. Feel free to contact me on Line even if you have different requirements, we have alliances of all levels in the Crew family.

Line ID: mpolo67

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It’s the place to be! Come on, join now!

I would love to. The alliance i started with just isnt in it like im trying to be. As much as i love it i have to move up. Im currently at 2700 cups and 4700 def up to 4900


We would love to have you! If you have Line, drop me a note, or knock on the door of the alliance.


Hi! U can directly contact the barons @ Line mpolo67

You will surely be a great addition to the barons!

We just filled up, but if somebody’s interested, we can open a waiting list, or help you find a spot in one of our sister alliances.

We’re still full, but don’t want the thread to close on us.

Hi! Are u still looking? Barons have 1 open spot now. (Mpolo67)

And i also have open spots at the Mates.

One spot still available. We are killing 14* titans, currently top 1000 alliances, but hoping to move on up.

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Hey mpolo,
My screen on my phone is not working! Tomorrow, I’m going to the store to get a new one, but Ill be afk in the meantime.

Thanks for letting us know.