Crew-Barons - 6 spots free - 12-13* titans

2200 cups
4200 defense
Level 50+
10 maxed 5s and 30+ maxed 4/5* 3.70
100k soft target on titans

Currently we are taking on 12/13* titans. We are looking for active players who will use all war flags when opted in and use all of your the titan flags. Friendly atmosphere with plenty of resources to help you grow. Line is required. Feel free to contact me on Line even if you have different requirements, we have alliances of all levels in the Crew family.

Line ID: mpolo67

Other Crew Family Alliances

These are the Re-Crew-tment forum threads; check each OP for the crew that fits you (the You-Crew :rofl:):

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If you think you are good enough come and be a Baron yourself. :wink:

We’ve got three spaces free! Come join us!

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4 places for people to call their new home. Hop in before the next war and you’ll see first hand how relaxed we are. Almost at 1 year in for me and the wife and we couldn’t be happier! No drama makes for a happy mamma :slight_smile:

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We’ve got 6 spots. Come join before the Mythic Titan spawns!

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Check out Crew-Barons. Part of the Crew Family. They have a ton of experienced players that can help you grow and be competitive in all aspects of the game.

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