Crew-Barons- 5 spots open. 12* titans

3 spots available. We are aound top 300 when full and taking on 12-13* titans.

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figured I’d swing by and bump it up

Beasts when full…and it should be. Come get some.

Looking for 5 more. Hitting 12* titans. Coordinated war strategy. Friendly environment. We are usually around top 300 when full. If you have different requirements we have a wide range of alliances in the crew family.

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Looking for five more, let Crew be your new home.

anyone can have a clown car…but a Starry mobile is something else and out of this world kinda of craziness as well
friendly bump up

Is the 5 open right?!?!?! This canny be. Someone come find this group and get them back to full.

Come speak with a Crew rep. for more information.

Would love to see these guys full again to get a rematch with them in war. Please help a simple JESTER in having fun. Get them full, it doesn’t happen otherwise.

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That was so fun! Crew vs crew

Great bunch of players here.

I’ve seen a few new inivites to chat are they your recruits? How many you still looking for?

We have 5 spots open now

See what folks in forums can do to remedy this. Come on folks gettem while they’re hot.

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